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Saturday, January 28, 2017

GeekSpeak SL – what will happen after the technological singularity? Join the discussion Jan 28th at 12pm SLT

What will become of humans in a world run by superintelligent AI?  What will the average person do if everything he or she wants is provided instantly?  Will we still make works of art?  Study history, do scientific research, compose music?  What will we do with our time?  Will we lose the ability to do the simplest things?  Will we eventually die out because there is nothing for us to do?

Will humans trust AI to do all their thinking for them?  Will we be able to think critically at all?  If AI provides us with all our information, all the news that is ‘guaranteed’ not to be fake, will there still be room for that one person who sees with their own eyes and thinks with their own brain?  Will anyone listen to such a person, or will they let AI do all the thinking?

Are we building a golden cage for ourselves, a cage from which there is no escape?  Does it matter if we are?

Come and do some critical thinking about our digital friends.


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