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Saturday, April 1, 2017

GeekSpeak – Time, what does it mean to us? And how should we measure it? Join the discussion Saturday April 1 at 12pm SLT

This week we are discussing what ‘time’ is in all its shapes and forms.  Would a universal time for the whole planet be possible?  Should we make time zones larger?  Or give them up?  What will happen when we colonise other planets with their own days and years?  Could there be a standard day and year?  Will we adopt a ‘stardate’, maybe so many years ABB (after the big bang) or AI (after the internet)?

How will we deal with personal time and ageing when we travel through space and we all age at different rates?  And what happens when we discover how to travel through time?

What is time anyway?  Does time move or is it fixed while we move along it? In a universe where time has a different rate depending on where you are or how quickly you are moving, a universe of ‘time crystals’ and the grandfather paradox, what problems do you see with time?  Bring your timepiece to GeekSpeak and tell us how you feel about time.


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