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Sunday, September 3, 2017

BALLET PIXELLE Presents "OLMANNEN" -- a ballet in three acts- 5pm SLT Sundays & Wednesdays in September!

Olmannen is the story of souls fighting for love.  Centuries ago, Namon agreed to become a Devang to save his one true love, Seraphette, from evil.  Namon has waited centuries for her soul to be reborn to reclaim their love.  But now that she is reincarnated, Seraphette has changed.  Can Namon still love the new Seraphette?  Can Seraphette possibly accept the love of Namon, now a creature of the Overworld?


Seraphette:  A beautiful dancer who has been recently reincarnated and now performs in public alleys.  She had a lover, Namon, in the past.

Namon:  Seraphette's true love; he agreed  to become a Devang to save her from evil.


Evil beings (Devangs), who live in the Overworld
Tarts in the Public Alley
Sprites in the Mystical Garden 

(The past) The Ice Garden

Namon and Seraphette are happy and together as lovers, bound together by idealized love.  However, they become threatened by evil.  In order to save Seraphette from this evil, Namon battles the Devangs and agrees to join them.  Seraphette eventually dies a broken-hearted old woman. 

(The present) The Public Alley

Seraphette, dispirited and despairing, has been reincarnated as a dancer who performs with tarts in public alleys.  Namon has waited for Seraphette's soul to be reincarnated and he returns to find her again.  However, Seraphette has only a vague memory of him and Namon has to fight to remind her of their love.  Finally, he reveals himself to her and she falls in love with him again.

(The future) The Mystical Garden

Their true love allows Namon to be released from evil and Seraphette to return from her despairing life.  Sprites herald their return.  They reunite forever in the mystical garden and ascend into "Olmannen", happy in their realized and true love.


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