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Saturday, September 16, 2017

GeekSpeak – homelessness, what causes it and what can be done? Join the discussion Sept. 16th at 12pm SLT

This week we will discuss homelessness, a common problem in every city of the world.  What causes it and what can we do about it?  Is it a money problem or are there just too few houses?  Is it sometimes the fault of the homeless themselves?  Have they given up hope?

Do people become homeless in countries where there is plenty of space?  Or can they throw up a simple shelter there whenever they want?  Is homelessness mainly a problem of rich cities?  Are the rich, those who own several houses each, to blame for homelessness?

What is the answer?  To build more houses?  Perhaps smaller houses?  Perhaps taller buildings?  Or underground buildings?  Or houses under the sea?

Come to GeekSpeak to talk about it.  Bring your sleeping bag.


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