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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Monthly Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. ASCI Meeting - Join the discussion- Sunday November 26th at 10 am SLT

The regular monthly meeting of Art and Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI)
will be held in Quat Gallery, on Sunday, November 26th at 10 am PDT, 1 pm


Topics for discussion: 
$450M da Vinci?
 * * * 
Beer on Mars?
 * * * 
Zombie Star? 
 * * * 
If we have time:

Interstellar cigar?
 * * * 
Standard Theory Problem?
 * * * 
Another Standard Theory Problem?
 * * * 
Anti-matter from Lightning?
 * * * 
We hope you can stop by to join the fun and share your Metaverse experiences, along with your virtual gaming, computer geek adventures, and cyber art projects. 


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