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Saturday, January 27, 2018

GeekSpeak – which country will be the most powerful 50 years from now? Join the discussion Jan. 27th at 12pm SL

Faced with this question many people will think immediately of one particular country.  Maybe China, or India, or maybe America.  But think again.  A lot can happen in 50 years.

Perhaps it will be Nepal because the radiation fallout after a worldwide nuclear war is much less in Nepal.  Or it may be a country that has large untapped reserves of a mineral that everyone wants, maybe one we never think about nowadays.  Or maybe a country like Fiji that has lots of water.  Or a country where a great scientific discovery is made.  Or the site of a new religion or a new economic system.

So which country would you bet on?  And why?  And will its rule be bad or good?  Think about your travel plans for the future.  Bring a suitcase!


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