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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Four things your teenager really wants you to know

Being a teenager is such a challenging time, but it seems that most adults have forgotten what those years were really like. Rather than just watch them exist in some limbo between being a child and becoming and adult, there are some things that you can do to help your teen through this period. Many teenagers find it difficult to talk to their parents about anything, and so, this list of five things your teenager really wants you to know should go some way to help.

You don’t know everything
There are some things that parents just don’t understand about their children, be it their taste in music, or their choice of friends. What you, as a parent, need to understand is that you can’t presume to know how your child is feeling, or what they like throughout their entire adolescence. Communication is key, so rather than be that annoying parent who thinks they know precisely what their child is thinking, talk to them, hang out with, and get to know them.

You can trust them
Of course, this isn’t true in every situation, but imagine how infuriating it is for a kid to not be offered some sort of independence as they grow. Being over-protective can be just as damaging as allowing your child to do whatever they want. Learn to find a balance, and give your child some trust. A teenager needs to learn how to deal with some situations and to be around social situations so that when the time comes to fly the nest they will be somewhat prepared.This doesn’t mean allowing them to do whatever they want, and you must assess whether your individual child is ready for the level of independence expected of them at their age.

Sweet 16 is all about the car
Unfortunately, this is the truth, and if that small package you hand to them on their sixteenth birthday doesn’t contain car keys, things are going to get ugly pretty quickly. If there is no way on Earth you are giving your child a car for her sixteenth birthday, you need to make that very clear early on. Should you be considering it, ensure they are well prepared for the responsibility of car ownership. Do your own research online via sites such as Truckersection.Com and find out wat kind of car is most suited to a teenager, and all the things they need to know to travel safely when driving on their own.

Friends are everything
At this age, a teenager’s friends are their world. This can be very difficult for parent that doesn’t like their child’s friends, or believes them to be a bad influence. It can also be hard when children suddenly want to spend more time with their friends than with you. This is all part of growing up, and as a parent, you should want your child to socialise and learn about healthy, respectful relationships. Always be aware of keeping the lines of communication open because even though they will adore their friends, they will always need their parents there when things go wrong.


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