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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Monitoring your Look Pen Dragon Reporting...

Second Life is a visual world and your personal appearance can mean everything. It can get expensive and be a confusing process. What mesh body is best? Who makes the best mesh clothes? Where do I find a good skin? The good news is that there is someone who can help with all of that.

Shelby Monitor is the owner of Shelbyfied, an inworld store that specialises in custom avatar enhancements; custom shapes, quality skins and clothing and more. I recently spoke with Shelby about the service she offers and here’s what she had to say.

Q: What are custom avatar enhancements exactly?
Shelby: .I make custom shapes, but not only shapes . I help you from start to finish to become your true self or the avatar you would love to become. From shape to skins, eyes hair makeups clothes i want you totally happy with who you become .

Q: How long have you been offering this service and what got you started?
Shelby: I've been doing this for a couple years now . There are so many stores out there that say they have nice things but after buying stuff it either doesn't fit of doesn't look the same so I started writing down all the best stores and then promoting the best in my store group. I have about 15 of the best designers right in my group now.

Q: How long does the your service take on average?
Shelby: Depending on what all we do from shape to clothes and going from store to store getting all the components and then putting it all together it takes me about 30 minutes, but sometimes it takes hours for me to help and explain everything to people .

Q:  Is there a large demand for avatar enhancement services?
Shelby: Sometimes I am very busy, other times I just help with small things my members need. I post market links to some of the best sales in my group  and I also make an exclusive card just for group members with the best sales and events in SL .

Q: Describe your typical customer.
Shelby: Some customers are repeats, others I find at clubs or sims where people ask me for help or are searching for things they liked on my avatar.

Q: Tell me about yourself and what motivates you.
Shelby: I love to help others and make people smile, and when I help create a look for someone it brings them joy and happiness and that in itself makes me happy.
I also do shopping tours and my group members get exclusive gifts from me and my designers.I created SHELBYFIED  to help anyone in need with anything they need to create the best avatar possible.

Shelbyfied offers a wide range of service as well, from a custom shape to photography service so you can put your best avatar forward.

Additional Information:
Group: secondlife:///app/group/bf7bb63d-665f-130b-9b31-2f5008c8e344/about


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