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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Party Like a Canuck at VampIsle! Mark your calendar for July 1st-4th

FORGET  your Petty Plutocratic Politics and be sure to come and "Party like a Canuck" July 1st to 4th and Celebrate both Canada Day and Independence Day. 

Featuring that sexy little DJ "IceCream" 

Grand Prize = 3600L plus a Sexy Vamp Saucer to abduct all your friends mmmmmm butt butt probe? 
Plus two HOT Italian Sports Cars ...START DANCING 

This is a brand new and very unique SIM with some great must have games, Adult toys and  free fun stuff as well, ... for your perusal and eventual purchase :) 

Our Big Mall is located in the the max-sized SIM of Vamp Isle. 256x256 and 30K, with minimal if any lag.  The main attractions are Sci-Fi,Vampire, Sport, unique customized games and Fetish role play.  PLUS lots of surprises for the willing explorer.  Our Sky Scape HighWay is really very unique and loaded with adventure.  Members get to rez their choice of a Motorcycle or Hot Sports Car, and drive our Deadly but Beautiful Sky-Scape Highway.  

This SIM is designed for MidNight Vamp View for best resolution.  We also recommend hi graphics settings and the FireStorm Viewer. 

We have over SIX dance areas, SIX residential zones, dozens of games and three Sassy GG Babe-Bot shows on the GO-GO 24-7.

in addition our Grand Central Station, is a unique and active portal to hundreds of select SIMs located throughout the Second Life Grid.  They are put into three distinct  categories within the Big Earth Globe.  Sci-fi style transporters are also available to take you throughout our entire SIM, which is constantly under construction, with phases 1 of 3 phases having been just completed   


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