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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Petra's Performance Schedule & Hosts for Week of 4/21/19

                    ARTIST                                                                              HOST

                                                   TUESDAY, APRIL 23
    2pm     Paris Obscur                                                                    Alyss
    3pm     Savannah Rain                                                                 Alyss
    4pm     Wayne Davis                                                                   Foxxy
    5pm     Erik Kottzen                                                                     Foxxy
    6pm     Liam Wakeman                                              
    7pm     Savannah Coronet                                                          Sweet
    8pm     Essence Bilasimo                                                           Sweet
    9pm     Hogan Bailey                                     
                                                   FRIDAY, APRIL 26
    1pm     Telima                                                                            Alyss
    2on      (Lisa Brune Not In This Week)
    3pm     Jack Slade                                                                     Foxxy
    4pm     AMforte Clarity                                                              Sweet
    5pm     Collin Martin                                                                   Foxxy
    6pm     Max Kleene                                                                   Sweet


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