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Friday, May 10, 2019

Fashion Blogging with Instagram: How Should You Get Started?

Instagram is the next big thing after Facebook in social media and although Facebook actually owns the newer social media platform as well, fashion has a bigger presence on Instagram than it does on its parent company. So how do you start blogging with the popular social media website? Well, the following tips should point you in the right direction.

Understand that Photography is a Huge Part of the Whole Thing

When most of us scroll through our Instagram timelines, we almost exclusively look at photos, and maybe watch a few short videos or Boomerangs. What this means for your fashion blog is that it just has to have great photos to make any mark on Instagram.
Hire a photographer if you must, or do a small course in photography yourself, but the quality of the actual photographs cannot be subpar if you want to make it as a fashion icon on Instagram.

Upload on a Fairly Regular Basis

Do understand that in case of your own blog, it might actually be better to post every once in a while unless you have regular, high-quality content, but that is not true for social media in general, and Instagram in particular.
Do not sacrifice on the quality of the content, but you cannot leave weeks between each post either. Also, sticking to a fairly predictable schedule is ideal to make the Instagram algorithms work towards promoting your content better.

Get a Boost on Instagram with a Super Dose of Likes

Did you know that people can actually buy likes on Instagram via Famoid? Yes, it’s quite possible, and since you are trying to promote your fashion blog via the social media site, there is nothing comparable to a thousand likes on a post that you are proud of to launch you into fame from oblivion.
Famoid doesn’t ask for any passwords, the likes are from real, active profiles, and it will happen almost instantly after the purchase. Just make sure that the content you are actually promoting looks worthy of those likes and the small investment.

Find and Concentrate on Your Strengths

While trying to get a handle on social media promotions, finding and concentrating on your strengths to build a reputation in that department is the single most important aspect of reaching success.
For example, if you are a talented fashion designer, find your niche by observing which of the clothes that you designed and posted pictures of got the highest number of likes and comments.
On the other hand, if you want to be a model, or already are one, see which attires, dresses and looks get you the most attention.
From a business point of view, social media is a medium to seek attention from your target audience, so you must give them more of what they like in order to grow bigger.

It is important to understand that these can only get you so far, and unless there is some real talent, sense of fashion and good content backing your efforts up, nothing is going to be enough. In case you have that part covered though, the tips we just discussed will give you all you need to succeed and earn real money by using Instagram like a fashion blogger is supposed to.


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