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Thursday, December 12, 2019

ALL4ART - An open space art installation to SL

An initiative to bring art to the people – and the people to art – in Second Life was launched in early December with the opening of an art installation in an open space hosted by the sim WOLVESLAND. 
ALL4ART is a project envisioned by Carelyna (Carelyna Resident), a Second Life artist who works in adapted photography and believes “art must be for everyone.”
“The vision of this group is to make art inclusive and not limited to the galleries in Second Life,” Carelyna says. “This is a group of artists who are driven by the need to express themselves and create art for art's sake.”
Membership in ALL4ART is free and open to all. The exhibits will be curated by Carelyna and shown at public places others than galleries in “pop-up” exhibitions announced through the member group.  
Each artist involved will show only five pieces (with safe content) for each exhibition. Copies of all the displayed work will be offered to everyone for free as gifts.  At the exhibit, artists are permitted to install a tip jar, artist statement and landmark to their galleries or main exhibitions.
Strymon Odrysius Parthicus (Strimon Resident) an artist and creator of WOLVESLAND, the first participating sim, says ALL4ART aims to bring the emotion of art to a wide audience.
“Every picture, every painting is emotion. Emotion that screams, emotion that whispers, emotion that laughs or cries, emotions of love or pain, he said.  “But emotion wants to be shared. And the more people who experience it, the more hearts and mind it may touch. Some may not see more then another image, but others, it may touch deeper.
“For me this is what ALL4ART does,” Parthicus explains. “It is giving chance to the artist to reach more people and give chance to touch to work, that is more than just a picture, but a moment of shared emotion.”
Another participating artist, Jaz (jessamine2108), said ALL4ART is a way to give back to the Second Life community. And she is excited about the natural backdrops Carelyna is choosing for the exhibits.
“When Care (Carelyna) reached out to me with this idea, I was excited by the prospect of bringing art to a place where anyone will be able to access it and enjoy it,” Jaz says. “The place that Care has chosen for the exhibition is beautiful. It may be a challenge to bring pictures away from the neutral walls to backgrounds that are stunning on their own. But it is a lovely thought to know that, when people walk down these beautiful paths, they may chance upon one of the artworks and enjoy it along with the scenery. I think it is a great idea and initiative by Care, and I hope we are able to help the people of Second Life appreciate the works of some of the fantastic artists that I have known.” 

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The next exhibit will be hosted by an urban sim called The Whales and will open Dec. 18th at 11 am SLT.

Teleport to The Whales

Join the ALL4ART Group:
Bringing ART to Everyone in SL ! 
This  group is  for ALL the people in SL  who believe that ART must be for everyone  and contribute to make that happen.  The vision of this group is to make art inclusive and not  limit them to the galleries in SL. This is a group of artists who are driven by the need to express themselves and create art for art's sake. The artists will show their artworks in  public places others than galleries  in successive itinerant exhibitions. 



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