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Saturday, February 6, 2021


Everybody knows about witches, they've all been introduced to us from a very young age. Actually, now that I think about it, my first introduction to a witch of sorts was from the fairytale story of Hansel and Gretel who snatches up children to eat! Such a lovely story to read to a child before bedtime. Thankfully the Wizard of Oz came along and I learned that there are good witches and bad ones too. They've been in books and appeared on both the big screen, the small screen, and the in-between.  Love them or hate them, they are here to stay.  

I was very excited to meet with Rain Hammer who is the owner of The Crescent Moon Cafe, a Pagan community that is open to the public.  My first impression of her establishment was positive and welcoming. My eyes curiously flicked over to read the notice board which displayed their up-coming events: Mutual Learning, Meditation Spring, Gods & Goddesses. I was definitely intrigued and eager to learn more about The Crescent Moon Cafe.

Roxy Mystic: First I would like to say thank you for taking the time to sit down with me Rain, it's greatly appreciated. Let me begin with a clarification for our SL Enquirer readers, The Crescent Moon Cafe is not about roleplay it's a genuine community that provides educational information on paganism and friendship. Can you elaborate a bit more about what you do here and how was this community founded?

Rain Hammer: Yes Roxy I would be happy to! I was part of a group called Broom and Brew and unfortunately, due to RL circumstances, the owner Akia had to leave SL. I did not want to see it go so I decided to open the Crescent Moon Cafe late last year. We currently have 3 knowledgeable people on staff that provide groups (classes) on various topics.

Roxy Mystic:  What kind of herbs would be used in a pagan practice and is this topic something that would be taught at The Crescent Moon Cafe? Also with Valentine's Day just around the corner, I just have to ask if there is such a thing as Potion #9?

Rain Hammer:  Hahaha! Yes Roxy there is such thing as a love potion, however, the witches I know would never do a spell or potion that would make someone love someone else, that is up to the universe.  Besides what if your dream girl/guy turned out to be a hot mess, we are happy however to do a spell to make you more attractive and desirable.  The herbs used in pagan practice would be just about any herb you can get your hands on.  Each herb has uses for example Lavender will make you relax, while peppermint and rosemary will give energy.




Roxy Mystic: Unfortunately there are still lots of misconceptions when it comes to witches. Even though they say witchcraft is on the rise there are some that are still not comfortable coming out of the "broom closet". With that in mind, how do you address those visiting The Crescent Moon Cafe with such concerns? Also please share with our readers as to how being a witch can be helpful in our daily life?

Rain Hammer:  I would love to, if someone is not comfortable they are never expected to participate, if someone has concerns we will do our best to address them, no one is ever expected to always agree but I do ask that we respect one another. I am a witch in RL as well as SL, I find it helps, I know how to guard or protect myself. I have gemstones and a pendulum in my purse and if I run into a situation that I am not sure what to do, I will do a spell, meditate, or use one of my tarot decks.  So as I like to say I witch my way through it.

Roxy Mystic:  Let's talk about witch fashion! I am sure you know that the most popular Halloween costume for adults is to be dressed as a witch. There appears to be no particular dress code when it comes to witch attire. Does The Crescent Moon Cafe have a preferred attire or do people just come as they are?

Rain Hammer:  Smiles, well Roxy that depends on you, we have no dress code, whatever makes you feel good. There are a few people who choose to come naked.

Roxy Mystic:  Pagans have a number of rituals and celebrations and I have noticed you have a red tent/ritual area. Can you provide an example of a ritual that would be performed here?


Rain Hammer: That area is used if we have a full moon ritual or one of the 8 seasonal pagan festivals. The red tent is for women or those who identify as a woman. There we talk about subjects that women would deal with in general, for example we have had discussion on sex magic, the inner warrior and our ancestor witches, just to mention a few.

Roxy Mystic: I would like to talk to you about pagan jewelry; we usually imagine pentacle amulets and triple-Moon rings but it can be much more.  It's not just a decoration in many cases and some do hold special energies. Can you give some examples of how this kind of jewelry can help us?

Rain Hammer:  Oh definitely, I often wear in RL Moonstones or rose quartz.  The jewelry a witch may wear is for protection, clarity, or luck.

Roxy Mystic: My last question for you today Rain is a fun one! With your fiery red hair you could easily be cast as Melisandre the red witch in the Game of Thrones but if you could be any of the fantasy witches who would you pick and why?

Rain Hammer: I would say one of the sisters in the TV show Charmed.  If they ran into an obstacle, they did not let that stop them. They always found a spell or potion to deal with it. Like I said earlier, they witch their way through it.

I really enjoyed spending some time with Rain, she is very friendly, welcoming and very knowledgeable in her craft. For anybody wishing to learn more about paganism, I would highly recommend visiting this place. There is a growing fascination in this field and it is crucial that you are well informed before you venture into paganism. The friendly folks at The Crescent Moon Cafe can certainly assist you with questions and some guidance.




  1. I like the interviewer's style of question and answer reporting. I found their humor to have a bit of a twist that kept me laughing. This article is interesting and enjoyable. Well done.