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Sunday, February 21, 2021

LIVE at Terry's Sunday Showcase - Saramarie Philly & Bat Masters/Ed Lowell February 21st 2021


Join us on Sunday, February 21st beginning at 2pm SLT for Terry's Sunday Showcase, sponsored by the SL Enquirer! This week's featured artist is the lovely SaraMarie Philly...SaraMarie is a music graduate pianist/vocalist who plays a very wide variety of genres. It is not uncommon to hear her perform the #1 song on the Top 40 but then sing a classical opera song causing jaws to drop. Many say she is one of, if not THE best vocalist in SL.

In her original music, Saramarie just writes what comes to her heart, regardless of what genre it sounds like. She chooses cover songs that have special meaning for her within the lyrics or that connect with her in a musical way.

Saramarie doesn't really like being pigeon-holed into one genre, which means that at this point in her life she performs a very wide range of musical styles from Classical Opera to R&B, and loves that SL allows her to do that. Her audiences sure seem to like the variation!
Following Saramarie, debuting this week at 3pm SLT in what's sure to be a spectacular DUAL stream performance will be Bat Masters and Edward Lowell!  Bat feels awkward writing about himself in the 3rd person and is from Sugartit, KY which is totally true. He plays guitar and bass and sings but not all at the same time. Bat makes his SL shows fun, like we're all just sitting on the porch singing together. Bat loves Americana and true country as well as rock and even a dash of hip hop.

Bat has been a part of the SL music community since February of 2011. His SL shows usually consist of general silliness and acoustic guitar. Bat is an avid relay streamer as well and can sometimes be found playing bass and singing behind other artists like Beth Odets, Twostep Spiritweaver and more.

Joining Bat for his debut is Edward Lowell, known as “The Lyrical Bard”, one of the first to enter the scene as a Second Life musician. Few have the talent to master both strings and wood instruments, but anyone following his events has heard the flute, mandolin and twelve-string guitar.  Ed’s fans will tell you his flute playing tugs at the heart and his love ballads bring a tear to your eye. His unique style of charm and wit is sure to entertain you

Come support live music with friends, laughter, and a whole lot of fun...ONLY at Terry's Place!!!

Welcome to Terry's Place, your friendly neighborhood pub where everyone knows your name! Home to some of the hottest DJ's and live singers on the grid, there's a little something for everyone here at Terry's when you just need to get away from it all. Dance as we spin tunes for all walks of life, show off your talents at Open Mic every Friday, or enjoy a live concert out in the park at our Terry's Sunday Showcase!  With events happening five nights a week, be yourself and escape the chains of real life with friends, laughter, and a whole lot of fun...ONLY at Terry's Place!

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Performer Websites:
Saramarie Philly -
Bat Masters/Ed Lowell - N/A


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