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Friday, March 5, 2021

Grand Opening of Houghton County Estates - Friday, March 5th, 2021


Join us Friday, March 5th, 2021 starting at 4pm SLT for our Grand Opening and an evening of music and fun at Houghton County Estates.  Houghton is a family-friendly residential sim that is the perfect place for your family role-play (DFS & beYou friendly). We are based on a Midwest small community in the United States where everyone knows each other.

We have five popular live singers booked for the evening. Here is the run-down (details about each artist follow) :

4pm to 5pm - Max Kleene
5pm to 6pm - Jovan Buchsbaum
6pm to 7pm - Wolfie Starfire
7pm to 8pm - Tony Slade
8pm to 9pm - NeoMaximus Brandenburg

4pm to 5pm
Max Kleene - Rock/Pop/Alternative solo acoustic stylings covering well-loved, old classics (Billy Joel to Johnny Cash), to fun, newer hip stuff (Jack Johnson to Jason Mraz). Touching on old country, emo, pop, straight-up rock, some Canadian folk-rock,xxxxxx and even some acoustic hip hop. The Foo Fighters, The Barenaked Ladies, The Counting Crows, and Green Day are some bands that influence his vocal style and he combines that with a sometimes gentle, but mostly pulsing, energetic guitar style, striving to deliver a performance that results in a fun, pleasant listening experience.  He streams into Second Life out of Niagara Falls, Canada.

5pm to 6pm
Jovan Buchsbaum is 35 years old and from Serbia/Europe (GMT +1.00). Jovan graduated from the Academy of Music and is working in Music School as a professor. In real life, Jovan sings and plays the keyboard in a local band. He has a smooth voice with a touch of rasp that captivates his audience while singing covers that he completely makes his own. He doesn't do straight covers but infuses them with his energy and charisma.

6pm to 7pm
Wolfie Starfire, singer/performer, brings to her stage an endless repertoire of songs. This nightingale songstress will charm the hearts of all, not only with her many years of performance experience, her awards, but a sweet unique voice of excellent sound and tone. This vocal diva, winner of Second Life's Got Talent 2017, will bring in that endless selection from jazz, blues, contemporary, pop, country, Broadway, and even performs acoustic sets. Be ready to be impressed. A must-hear performer! You too will understand why she continues to be a favorite among so many.  
   ~  "Music is the best way to express my heart to you:" - Wolfie Starfire
7pm to 8pm -
Tony Slade is a vocalist from California bringing those feel-good vibrations in his songs, to his audiences. With numerous years of performance, distinct voice, and vocalist experience, this is a must-hear performer! Holes in his shoes from being a lead singer in several California bands and performing up and down the coast for many years. With an endless repertoire of songs, and a great mix of genres.  Singing all our favorites from R&B, Jazz, Pop, Soft Romantics, and the list goes on.

8pm to 9pm -
NeoMaximus Brandenburg is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter. At a "Neo show" you never know what to expect!  His eclectic style encompasses pop, rock and blues, Indie, Classic rock, grunge, and metal. genres. For the best live music experience, Neo sings live and plays his guitar with background accompaniment tracks to bring a full and vibrant sound for his audience's enjoyment.
  ~ "My style is rock centered with influences from the Dave Matthews Band, Simon and Garfunkel, Rage against the Machine,  Coldplay, DMB, Stevie Ray, and Maroon 5. I consider my musical tastes melodic and eclectic.” ~NeoMaximus Brandenburg~

Please join us and get to know our community.


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