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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

One Year Later - Update on Biology Club - SLE Reporting

One Year Later-Update on Biology Club

It has been a year since our first spotlight on Biology Club. Since then, it has risen to one of the top venues on the grid! Dresi Ligati (dresella.joubert) and her team delivered on her vision to bring a multi-genre experience to Second Life. SLE is pleased to meet up with Dresi again and get an update on this very successful venue.

Interview with Dresi

SLE: Congratulations on a successful first year since your feature last June.  You recently celebrated your 1st anniversary.  We are glad to see you are still doing what you love. Has your team grown since our last interview?

Dresi:  Our team has grown exponentially since we last spoke.  We've expanded so that we are now open Wednesdays-Sundays.  The club is open Wed-Sat from 12-10 pm SLT and on alternating Sundays, we have the one and only Seth Regan at 8 pm SLT.

SLE:  I’ve seen venues come and go through the years and here you are making waves in the entertainment scene.  It’s a tough virtual industry, how do you manage to keep Biology Club so successful?

Dresi:  Oh goodness, it is a LOT of hard work!  But we have an amazing management team and a staff that is second to none!  We have a theme that is a little different with a lot of interactivity throughout.  Your readers should come "Join the Evolution" with us! 

SLE: Being so successful for the last year, what do you feel you have contributed to the music scene if anything?  

Dresi:  First of all, we showcase the finest in SL Live Talent at our space-age open-air concert venue.  Likewise, we offer DJs who serve up genres ranging from Pop to EDM to Hard Rock and everything in between at the club, so it's always a place where visitors can enjoy great music and good company.  Our DJs also participate in events such as SL Birthdays, Rock Your Rack, and SL SciFi Expo, so we're bringing fine music for top celebrations, as well as, raising money for great causes.  We have a LOT on the docket for this upcoming year as well, so stay tuned!

SLE: Running a venue can be expensive to start, what advice would you give new venue owners just starting out?

Dresi:  PLEASE don't open a venue with the expectation of getting rich.  If you're not passionate about music in SecondLife, it may not be your niche.  You have to do it for the love of music and entertainment in order to make the benefits of venue ownership worth the risks thereof.

SLE: We see great performers and Djs grace the stage at Biology Club. What type of events do you have coming up? 

Dresi: Here's a link to our events calendar at Biology Club!  I hope everyone will find something fun and entertaining that they will want to come out and enjoy with us! Biology Club Calendar:

SLE: Are you currently hiring? Orion needs a job. 

Dresi: Absolutely, we are hiring hosts, DJs, and live performers!  As we continue to solidify our core staff and live performers, we will have spots available around the clock!  Have Orion stop by and fill out an application.  LOL!! 

SLE: How can performers book shows at Biology Club?

Dresi:  Send a bio, manager's contact information, booking fees, and a schedule to me (dresella.joubert).   I will absolutely listen to YouTube channels and SoundCloud, but I really want to see their shows!  Performers can send their information either on FB or inworld (my name is the same in both places)

SLE: A network of friends in the SL entertainment industry is instrumental in helping keep an active club.  How do you work together with other venues to ensure you grow together instead of competing with each other?

Dresi: Oh now this is a VERY interesting question.  I have a lot of friends in the entertainment industry and we are always working together to share information and form new alliances.  But over and above this, there are some very special things in the works on this score that I'm not at liberty to talk about just yet, but in the coming months, we will be sending you a Press Release to announce a very special addition to SL's entertainment world.

SLE: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Dresi:  I want you readers to know just how much we appreciate all of the love and support over the past year.  We couldn't have brought this club to its present status without each and every one of them and we look forward to providing them with the finest in quality entertainment on the grid for many years to come!

Additional information

Group:  secondlife:///app/group/3d42ad19-fc0a-f717-eeaa-c37072c88328/about

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