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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Romantic Destinations in Secondlife: Xerei Savantes goes on a tour for romance!

Today we are going to talk about romance. It’s something we all want. It’s something that on some level we all crave. We want someone to woo us. To take us someplace special that tells us on some level that we are connected in numerous ways. But it leaves the question, What is romantic? Is it a walk through a garden? Is it a walk on the beach during the sunset? Or perhaps a picnic in the graveyard? With as many people as there are in second life, everyone has their idea of what is romantic. With this in mind, I shall take you on a tour of the places I found. Join me on my tour and let's get our romance on. For all of our stops I recommend you use your shared Lighting Environment to get the best experiences possible.

The first stop on my tour is Aphrottos Garden. If you want to take a walk through a forest that has numerous nooks and crannies to explore then Aphrottos is a place you want to go. As you walk through the main forest you will see that great care and love was placed into the creation of the sim as everything is in its place and has plenty of little spaces to go if you want to see out of sight for some cuddles. Alongside the main forest, there is also a beautifully done cliff and rocky coastline that just adds a special little something to the edge of the forest and the ruins atop the cliffs just add to the ambiance. And if after your walk through the forest and cliffs you want a little music you can head to Club 7 for an assortment of tunes and relax on the dance floor.

The next stop on my tour is Waterfall of Dreams. If fantasy is your thing then Waterfall of Dreams should be a must on your list of places to take your special someone. With a dazzling forest and numerous waterfalls, it is easily one of the more romantic spots. When you enter right at the bridge you and your partner can take a horseback ride through the forest to explore it. The music is relaxing and with numerous balconies and swings, there is no shortage of places to grab your partner and snuggle up and enjoy any of the numerous gorgeous views that Waterfall of Dreams has to offer. If you want to dance some time away you can head up to the terraces for a spectacular view while you and your partner dance the time away.

Beaches! It’s something we all love on one level or another and for some, it is the ultimate romantic destination. The next stop on our journey is Wintermoon. Wintermoon is set up like a little archipelago and just as stunning as our other stops. It is a beautiful place to walk around with your partner and all the islands mostly have their little spots to sit down and cuddle under an umbrella and just watch the waves crash upon the shore. Do you want something a little more remote to enjoy then head out into the water and enjoy the coolness of it as you head out to one of the gazebos that are set out away from the land and enjoy the solitude, I promise it’s well worth it.

Forests, not your thing? Don’t find beaches overly romantic? Perhaps something wackier is up to your or your partner’s alley or maybe just want something different. Well then let me introduce you to the land of Astral Dreams. This wonderful gem made a spot in my tour to provide someone with a romantic setting but also some very unusual scenery. From the moment you enter the fun and wacky scenery takes you right in as one of the first things you can see is a train crashing into the ocean on its track. Once you start looking around you’ll feel like you are in a wonderland. Using the teleporter will take you to the club that is there and also another area up in the sky all filled with the same wonderment as when you first arrived. Take your time and enjoy the fun and oddness of this wonderful land.

For those of you that find the dark and morbid romantic, I have something for you as well. The last stop on our tour, Arranmore. From the moment you arrive, you find yourself in a beautifully done dark atmosphere. From what you see to what you hear you are fully immersed into the feel of it all. Once you leave the station landing you can head up to the manor or explore along the coast. While walking make sure to hold your partner’s hand as I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be separated while here. The lighthouse has the best view one could ask for to look out over the wonderful place to see all of it at once and well….if you decide it’s time to move on with your life, the water at the base is deep and I’m sure a body wouldn’t be found. Just make sure your partner has life insurance first.

Additional Information:


Waterfalls of Dreams:


Astral Dreams:


Preferred Contact:

Aphrottos: Miseria Beaumont

Waterfalls of Dreams: Jeramy McMahon

Wintermoon: Dream Shadowcry

Astral Dreams: Jack Davies

Arranmore: Lauren Bentham


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