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Sunday, August 1, 2021



Find your nearest Playdoll's Magazine kiosk, or visit the Playdoll's Relaxation Sim to get the latest issue of Playdoll's Magazine. You can also become a group member to get a courtesy copy delivered right to you wherever you might be on the Grid!

This month in Playdoll's Magazine the tables are turned on The SL Enquirer's Orion Baral and Lanai Jarrico as the interviewers become the interviewees. Check out what this dynamic duo has to say about the past, present, and future of Second Life and their place in it!

Also, roll with Miss August, Mallory Altheria as she skates roller derby style in a pictorial that adds an new uber-talented socialite to Playdoll's!  Play Ball!!!! ... with our Playdoll of the Year as she hits the baseball diamond.  And take in more of your favorite models as they pin themselves up in fabulous vintage poses for your entertainment!

Sponsorship pages throughout the issue give you insight to the Grid's most creative content providers as well.


Playdoll's Magazine was founded by Tazzy Jenkins & partners in SL in 2007. Ms Jenkins' consistency and kind demeanor is her legacy that gave the group its longevity. Playdoll's is the authentic men's interest periodical in SL, and has won six SL awards since its inception. The periodical itself limits modeling to pinups and includes creative writing and artistic representations. The periodical is also a popular publication for sponsors to market their businesses. The longevity and consistency of the periodical also makes it the reader’s choice, and attracts modeling talent because people trust the lasting power of the organization.


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