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Sunday, March 13, 2022


 Shopping HUDS with Direct Buy-Gift-Redelivery in the HUD wherever you are.

2 OPTIONS of Purchase (no-teleport): 1 - Directly from L$ balance. 2 - Load EvoCredits if you don't wish to grant L$ access to the HUD Contains 2 Event HUDS: EvoShop28 HUD: - Main Event, each vendor has an individual expiration of 28 days - There is no Start or End, Vendors keep coming - All items are New & Exclusive - Attach, browse and buy. EvoShop 60L$ Weekend Sales - Weekend Event, this HUD only works on Saturday and Sunday - All items included - Only 1 rule - 60L$ - Attach, browse and buy. With EvoShop HUDS you can: - - Buy Anything. Anywhere. - - Browse all categories, all maturity ratings, access to demos, fatpacks, etc. - - Watch videos of your favorite products. - - Gift ANY product to ANY resident. - - Redeliver any product you bought or gifted. - - Advanced AI Transactions system with auto-refund feature. - - Private Shopping - - Lag free, no region dependent. - - Extremely Fast loading, navigation and transactions, and much more. Get your EvoShop HUDS now! Find out more at:


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