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Sunday, July 3, 2022


Any seasoned veteran of the SL Grid knows that some of the most fun and interesting sims are those that are patterned after RL Cities.  Whether sightseeing from the Eifel Tower in Paris, racing a chariot in the Roman Hippodrome, or dining at an outdoor restaurant in Barcelona, these cities bring their unique RL flavor to Life on the Virtual Grid.

Not to be outdone, the newest entry in that collection of great cities is Pink Diamond. Reminiscent of the RL city of Busan, Korea, Pink Diamond combines the Asiatic charm of a thriving metropolis, with a unique opportunity to explore and learn about other cultures and lifestyles.

I recently caught up with Master TinJuu and his project manager, AmiMoy, and they graciously consented to share information about this newest destination with our SL Enquirer readers

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB):   What an amazing build here.  Tell me, what is the basic Theme of the Pink Diamond?

Master TinJuu (TJ):  Pink Diamond is a blend of east meets west adult entertainment themes.  We try to be as realistic as possible for all aspects of the sim and at the same time offer areas where you can picnic or find musical entertainment in addition to the roleplay and BDSM areas. You can also live or shop here but our main goal is to provide a visual and hands-on location where you can find many activities. from bowling to our beach boardwalk, to concerts, and our red-light district.

AmiMoy Resident (Ami) AM: On top of those mentioned above, Pink Diamond demonstrates the ambiance of a luxury resort city in an Asian setting.  This is similar to the Cancun-styled Asian city, which is very similar to Busan Korea (and is also part of the name).  Other than the sex aspect of the sim, the sim promotes SL concerts, live performances, Korean Pop, Japanese Pop, Black Pink Band, EDM, techno, and Trance Music within the sim's club and stadium venue.  The sim welcomes new DJs and bands to perform here.

JB:    Is this place all about sex?  Or will others find entertainment here as well?

TJ:  Our three primary objectives are to provide musical entertainment, adult play, and a place to explore and share with your friends.

AM: In addition, there will be city celebrity roleplay because of some of the cosplay bands such as Black Pink is a residents within the sim.  People can come in and meet with your favorite celebrity and RP.  Rentals in the sim are offered for people who want to live in this beautiful themed city that you cannot find anywhere else in SL. 

JB:    In what way is the Pink Diamond different from the hundreds of other Adult-rated sims out there?

TJ:  We have a BDSM club for members that are serious about the lifestyle and we will be providing protection and education to the BDSM community for those interested in it.  That being said you will also find hidden places for adult play, and all of our "toys" are the best SL creators have to offer.

JB:    This is a sizable place.  Who is involved in your management team here?

TJ:  We have a small staff now, primary amongst them are AmiMoy (our chief designer and builder) and lenthing666, both of whom have spent months making our vision a 3D reality. There have also been many others that have helped us along the way that have made this possible.

We are hopeful that we will be hiring several managers and support staff very soon.  I am looking to have staff on the land at all times to welcome and assist our visitors.

JB:    Tell me about some of the various districts in your city?

TJ:  I can really only speak about Freedom Bound, which is our BDSM group headquarters.  I see this as a place where serious-minded adults can gather and meet each other for fun and for learning. The FB building has a lot of areas within that it alone takes a while to explore

As for all the other districts we have the BlackPink HQ of course and surrounding commercial and residential buildings.  But there is so much more than Ami has incorporated into the sim that I do not even know many of the areas.  And you will also find an underground cave system that Ting built and is quite unique here.

AM:   There are a few main districts in the sim, which include the Boardwalk District, Beach District (home for luxury beach houses), Downtown District (where most of the commercial areas store fronts malls), Redlight District, Stadium District (which includes night club, live performance stadium, the  Freedombound District (the sub/dom club) and night market for food and booths). 

JB:    And how about the future?  What are some of the improvements you have in mind for the weeks and months ahead?

TJ:  At this point, our goal is to continue to "tweak" the glitches and build up our music entertainment offerings.  Now that we have the sim ready for use we want to concentrate on sharing it with others.

AM:   There are expansions planned for freedom bound, and more entertainment such as arcades and a  bowling alley (playable) in the downtown district area.  In addition, there will be more hidden areas to explore. 

JB:    I understand you will be hosting special events here?  How can people find out about those things?

TJ:  Well, we are looking to hire an events coordinator to manage this but we are increasing our advertising and will be using SL Events and the Classifieds, as well as group notices.

AM:   We will be relying heavily on word of mouth, and encourage people to join groups that advertise our events, and through social media as well.  Additionally, we will be hiring outside DJs to play at our events and help us share our venue with outside SLers. 

JB:    I saw a sign that read “club named BlackPink” Cosplay band. What is that all about?

TJ:  We have the #1 Kpop BlackPink fan band in SL and they are headquartered here. We are also looking to host other bands and DJs, and even Live Singers here this summer.

AM:   Black Pink Band is actually a Real-life band that runs on the top charts in America's top 40s.  There is a cosplay Black Pink Band living in Pink Diamond promoting Kpop (Korean pop culture) and the music you hear here.  

JB:    I understand you can host Live performances here.  Are these just for your concerts?  Or is the space available for use by others?

TJ:  We have our own designated areas but anyone is able to schedule and hold an event here for free, whether that be a concert or a wedding/

AM:   Yes, the venue can be used by others.  Please feel free to Contact “Ami” if anyone who wishes to host an event here.  I will be handling all the events for now. 

JB:    What sort of accommodations do you have for people who may want to live here?

TJ:  We have a variety of houses, apartments, and other living quarters available and these should be ready for viewing on our soon-to-be-released website in the very near future.

AM:   From Luxury Mansion to beach houses, apartments, and high-rise luxury apartments.  We provide quite a variety of choices for each and all kinds of living styles in SL.   We also have different prim options available for residents. 

JB:    Is there anything else you would like to tell the SL Enquirer readers about Pink Diamond?

TJ:   We are not here to be the best; we are not here to profit ... we are here to provide an experience we feel everyone should explore and enjoy.

So, there you have it, folks.  Getting tired of visiting the same clubs night after night after night after night?  Ready to try something new and exciting?   Then you simply HAVE to visit Pink Diamond…for a truly unique experience



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