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Friday, October 14, 2022


As the seasons change in our natural world, many venues hold to the same theme. Since Second Life is our world, our imagination it is only proper for some venue owners to provide a summer beach-themed paradise all year round. Temporal Radio’s Wet Spot Beach Club features many great amenities on a full sim that boasts an adult playground with a relaxing feel. If you are an explorer looking for something new to do in Second Life, you will find many places around the environment to chill. Play a game or hang out at any of the five different clubs and have great conversations with friendly people. The SL Enquirer sat down with DJ Snaxx and Rebel Rebel Storm to talk about Temporal Radio’s Wet Spot Beach Club and all it has to offer Second Life residents.  

Interview with Rebel Rayn Storm and  DJ Snaxx (beeker.beeks)

SLE: Rebel Rayn and DJ Snaxx, it is a pleasure to meet up with you to learn more about Temporal Radio’s Wet Spot Beach Club.  Can you tell us a little about Temporal Radio's launch and the many MMO platforms across the metaverse?

DJ Snaxx: Temporal Radio was founded in 2013, to enhance the online gaming experience in Star Trek Online (STO). Since then, it has expanded into Star wars The Old Republic (SWTOR), GTA 5 online, Read Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2), Second Life, and many other platforms. We host “parties” in those games, pretty much as we do in SL.

SLE: Having a radio station that spans many MMO Platforms, you have an advantage when it comes to inviting listeners to your events in Second Life. Can you tell our readers what they can expect from this visual location that represents your radio station?

DJ Snaxx & Rebel Rayn: The Wet Spot Beach Club is more than just a radio station or club, we have 4 venues, the regular club, a Viking village, and a party pool, all where events can be held. The sim is extremely adult and clothing optional. We are proud to be sponsored by Temporal radio and it is a great outreach for us. We have table games, a pool, sauna, jacuzzi, Lil devil, bowling, waterslide, and also a 2700-meter motorcycle track. Open to anyone and everyone!

SLE: With so much to do from live music events, gaming, and even shopping, It must be difficult to manage, Who is part of the team, and what is their role?

DJ Snaxx & Rebel Rayn: Owners are DJ Snaxx (beeker.beeks), Rebel (Rebelbrimstone), and ReaRoo (reagan.velvetleaf)...our GM is Hawk (h4z4rd Neox), the Host trainer is Nat (natalie.tungsten) and dance trainer Persey (persephone.lysette) along with our many amazing DJ's, host/ess and dancers.

SLE: Seems you have good solid staff but could always use good employees so are you currently hiring? If so what positions are available and how do they apply?

DJ Snaxx & Rebel Rayn: We are hiring! We are looking for DJs, Host/ess, and Dancers and are willing to train anyone!

SLE: So help our readers know more about your venue. What type of events do you like to host and how often do these events take place?

DJ Snaxx & Rebel Rayn: We have events on Thursdays from 7-9 pm slt from Ladies Night, Bodwatch by the Bay, and Storytime as well as concerts. Held every Thursday at different venues on the sim.

SLE: That is a very active schedule that is great to hear. So, this venue is geared towards the adult community, Are there any restrictions in attire, conduct, or access to areas of the sim?

DJ Snaxx & Rebel Rayn: Clothing is optional anywhere on the sim. Over 18 only. Conduct is common sense, use respect and there will be no problems. There are no restrictions on access to the sim with the exception of private homes.

SLE: I am sure you two have some stories you can tell about some people attempting to or just not conducting themselves in an adult manner. But we will keep those stories for another time :) Tell our readers do you have a group to join or a calendar people can see for upcoming events?

DJ Snaxx & Rebel Rayn: yes we have a google calendar and the link is...

SLE: For those that might be confused about your club and another club by a similar name, what sets yours apart and makes Temporal Radio's Wet Spot Beach Club stand out?

DJ Snaxx & Rebel Rayn: Temporal Radios Wet Spot Beach Club is the REAL wet spot. We are friendly and welcome everyone. We have lots to offer as well as many VIPs at our events. We are respectful of people's decisions and welcome them with open arms.

SLE: Keeping people interested and engaged is the name of the game in Second Life. We wish you lasting success in this and the other virtual worlds you are in. Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

DJ Snaxx & Rebel Rayn: Don't just read this article and pass us by, come check us out and enjoy The REAL Wet Spot, we won't make you sleep in it!

Additional Information


Group: The Wet Spot Beach Club

URL: secondlife:///app/group/32a2200a-9e1f-6b65-a3fe-86db105dce18/about



Preferred Contact: DJ Snaxx (beeker.beeks) or Rebel (Raynbrimstone)


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