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Monday, October 3, 2022

WE ARE THE WORLD In the name of beauty without racial barriers!

It was in an effervescent atmosphere and with a lot of emotion in the air that the WE ARE THE WORLD fashion show took place this weekend! The Powerhouse Collective shook the world as 23 Power models from all over the planet walked the runway in the name of beauty without racial barriers!
PHOTOS: Melinda Bayn de Naidoo
Dressed by LUXE Paris, the models, all superstars, recounted fashions from the four corners of the world, taking advantage of the spotlight to make the beauty of all colours sparkle.
Asia, Africa, Europe… all continents were represented. Russia and Ukraine were there together. The models had been left completely free to select the clothes of their choice and the corner of the planet that they wished to represent; the result was spectacular. Dazzling!
But the best part of the story is that the public answered the call and we really felt great solidarity in the room, a great pleasure in breaking down prejudices.
''Not only was your event of great beauty, but it carries an extraordinary message: Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, as my grandmother used to say,'' said Mika Palmyra, co-owner of LUXE Paris, in a short speech at the end of the event.
Palmyra attended the event with business partner Parisian Skytower as well as LUXE Paris designers Avalon Chrome and Liv Anton.
''Not only did you create dazzling looks that made our fashion shine, but most of all, we could feel your solidarity and your determination to break the narrow-mindedness'', added Mika Palmyra.
''Power models, after seeing what you are capable of, it wouldn't be surprising if you really manage to change the world!''
 The Powerhouse Collective is a group of models who want to change the definition of beauty. The WE ARE THE WORLD show was entirely produced by The Powerhouse collective.

It all started when LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR winner and brand ambassador Jade Pono offered to do a show with The Powerhouse Collective, which she runs with Selene Takeda, Ame Morningstar, Hasu Valentino, Shiloh Mae, and Melinda Bayn.
Mika Palmyra and Parisian Skytower loved the idea and continue to develop it by suggesting the theme WE ARE THE WORLD!
''With the philosophy of LUXE Paris promoting the beauty of diversity and our Collective wanting to shine the spotlights on models of all races, it was a very harmonious and productive teamwork'' says Jade.
''The theme represented us so well that everyone wanted to participate! It really became our WE ARE THE WORLD, a unique and meaningful happening!''

While Jade took over production and Melinda armed her camera to immortalize the adventure, Wyatt Frost offered his sim Cadence Island for the event and tackled the construction of the runway with his friends Criss Fenrisulfr and Sander Sparta of Ambient Building and Environment.
At the same time, two dozen of models scrutinized LUXE Paris store to create the best looks while Selene Takeda supervised the production of the style cards. Anael Starr hosted the event as Ame Cheveyo was DJing and Lady Evaa filming.


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