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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Lanai’s Diary: 18 years in Second Life is shameless AF but worth it

Hey y'all, it’s Lanai. That random media ghost floating behind the scenes in Second life. In my current situation I’m just  kickin back on a Wednesday night in New Jersey. Today is officially the first day of Summer and my ass is in the house staring out the window watching clouds move across the sky with light rain. What a great sign! (rolls eyes) but at the end of the day I truly can say I busted my ass.errr…brain today and deserve a little SL time…I came home, showered and found no alcohol on my wine shelf and no more pre-rolled mini blunts left in my tin from the local dispensary.( It’s 100% recreational here so don’t judge me)  I’m no alkie pothead but I like that mellow buzz after a long day of work.I earned that shit and almost want to run into the kitchen now and make Raman noodle. I got the munchies… I haven't eaten dinner yet but I might grab something quick,  slap it in the microwave while writing. 

Cop a squat and chill with me as I ramble on. I don’t mind. I’ve been behind the scenes long enough to feel comfortable enough to write as if I'm speaking directly to my friends.

I’ve been exploring the grid and writing about Second Life for 18 years now. Many of you, including myself, have raised babies into young adults during that time. When I reflect back on the beginning of my virtual world media journey, I think wow…..I’ve experienced more of the world through virtual lenses and meeting people from around the world on a more personal level than traveling around the real world.

 I still haven't gotten my passport yet but I'm unsure if I am missing out on anything superspectacular abroad or even in Canada.  I've been to Hawaii,  a few beautiful Caribbean islands, The Gulf of Mexico, the dirty jersey shore and all up and down the east coast.

 Last year, I spent my birthday in the heart of Savannah, Georgia at a hotel. Chillaxin’ on the rooftop,  laid out in a poolside round bed cabana while sippin’ berry Ciroc. I felt the only buzz and had a great time just watching people. It kinda felt like what I was in Second Life.   I don’t do clubbin’ in RL.  I’m too grown and tired of the BS that goes along with it. But in SL I will twerk circles around you with my collection of dance moves all while holding a wine glass without spilling a single drop. 

 Shopping…ehhh. In SL I blow through Lindens on shopping sprees…..sooo not true, I like swag bags, freebies and stuff from designers. In RL,  I browse Amazon for whatever I need and take my returns to Kohl’s.. I’m not a Gucci and Prada type of person. However, I've been known to clean up nicely for special occasions both in SL and real life. That reminds me… I need to get my “sparkles” covered but that Ulta bill in real life hurts my feelings.

I’m originally from Pennsylvania. In the past year I moved to Naples, Florida, a couple of months later, I moved back to Pa…. a couple months after that…landed a job in New Jersey and well ... .packed it back up and kept it movin’. I’m not a fugitive or anything simple like that. I’m either in a mid-life crisis or I am gaining my independence and living life by my terms.

I’m settling in and starting a whole new life. It’s crazy, scary, exciting and sometimes even sad because I don’t really have any family nearby. The one thing I can say is I faced my fears and it's empowering. There’s a lot going on in my real world. I’ve been busy working and settling. 

If you feel stuck in a life where you feel like you need change, do it. With determination comes strength and with strength comes willpower. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and you will become unstoppable. I have to thank my dearest friends for being there for me when I needed them the most and for having more faith in me than I had in myself. The sky isn’t the limit, there’s a whole universe out there. I just feel lucky enough to be in it with you.

There’s no real point to this long ass ramble, I just wanted to say hi, it’s been a while.

Lanai Jarrico

CEO, The SL Enquirer



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