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Friday, July 21, 2023


It’s Summertime! …School is out and a person’s mind turns toward the “V” word.  I am talking about “Vacation”.   Visions of an Island paradise, turquoise blue water with a pleasant surf…and of course…the delicious notes of music that wafts effortlessly over the sand dunes.  You made it.  You are here!   You are not at just ANY beach.  You came to Charley’s Beach Club.  And unlike most OTHER beach clubs, where all you go home with is a wicked sunburn and sand in your shorts, at the end of the night when you have been at Charlie’s you will feel different.  You’ll feel like you were in the presence of family members…the good family members, and not that nasty sibling who stole your bestie when you were in High School, and who would mess with your Nintendo when no one was watching.

I was poking around the SL Destination guide the other day and stumbled upon this jewel of a club.  It was near closing time, but even at that late hour, I know I had stumbled into a special place with some really spectacular folks. They had already had a “last call” and I asked the proprietor, Amilee, if she would sit for a moment and chat with me about Charley’s, and she graciously agreed.  This is her story.

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB):    Soooo… tell me Amilee.  Just who was the Namesake behind Charley’s  
Beach Club? 

 Amilee (Amiliee1) (A1): Charley (jeepguy56) was a DJ, FOXY Radio station owner, and a great friend to many of us, as well as a club owner.  During his ten years on SL, he owned several clubs and made many friends.   Charley considered himself a “Southern Gentleman” and never met a stranger.  He was always making friends.  He was loved and is missed by many. Those of us who knew Charley wanted to keep this place running as a tribute to our good friend, mentor, and confidant.

JB:    What is your preferred musical genre, and what kind of music are guests most likely to hear?

A1     Our DJs play classic rock, pop, country western and have even been known to have Disco sets.  Once a week we have blues at Charley's Mystic Blues.  Mystic Blues is a beautiful Blues club above the beach club.

JB:    You recently changed locations.  What was that all about?

A1     After Charley passed away, I wanted to keep this amazing group of people together and give us all a place to dance, laugh, support each other, and of course keep Charley's vision alive - his love of music.  Charley's Beach Club was created on a small piece of beach but we always had our eye on the beautiful corner beach next door.   When it became available it was an easy decision to move and expand Charley's


 JB:    What a lovely build.  Did you do this yourself?  Or were others involved, and what were their roles?

A1     When I opened Charley's the plan was to recreate as much as possible from Harbor Breeze, Charley's last club.  So, things like the stage and a few other items were used. Gjalt Lander, my partner, did all the amazing landscaping and made the club so beautiful.  It still holds some of the original Harbor Breeze Charm.  That was our intention anyway...and I think we achieved that to a certain extent.

JB:    There are many beautiful beaches out there. What is the Charley’s Beach Club difference? 

A1     What Charley's offers is great DJs and music, fun and friendly people in a very welcoming atmosphere.   I think you will see it immediately upon landing…from the friendliness of the DJs and Hosts to the beautiful layout, as well as the selection of dances available.  Couples, Singles, or Group line-dancing….it is all available at Charley’s Beach Club

JB:    Who would you envision as the ideal guest?

A1     We are a moderate club so I would think that most adults enjoy an array of music genres.  Folks who like to dance, laugh and have fun, and make friends.  As a moderate club, we are here for the one who truly appreciates fine music and classic rock.  If someone is looking for just another sex sim, they might be happier if they just kept on looking.  But for people who want to hear some wicked good music and a place to hang with their friends…Charley’s Beach Club is the place for you.   

JB:    And just how might a guest learn what’s happening at Charley's Beach Club?

A1     Joining Charley's Group is the best way.   That way you will receive the notices we send out regularly.  Also…we post the schedule of events on a board on the sim.  And finally, just ask.  DJs always announce when their sets are starting and what genre they will be playing.   They will also announce if there is a theme or contest during the set.

JB:    What has been your biggest Challenge in Managing Charlie’s Beach Club? 

A1     Successful advertising is always the most difficult activity.  Friends can tell friends and bring them in but being found by new people is the challenge.  With all the venues available in SL, it can be hard to decide if all they know is the club’s name.  We are expanding our focus on advertising in hopes of getting the word out to more people.

JB:    Do you have any plans for future development?

A1     Charley's Mystic Blues Club is something I have been working on along with the club managers, AJ Rover, Jessie Rover, and Gjalt Lander.  I have visited several Blues clubs in the area, and we wanted to build something uniquely ours. Mystic Blues is a cozy, inviting club where Blue's DJs can come and showcase their favorite blues. Come for a visit and I guarantee you will want to return time and time again.

JB:   So then, Amilee.  Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

A1: I want to thank Gjalt Lander, (my partner) for all the many hours he spent landscaping and setting things up. Charley's is a beautiful place to come and sit with friends, play Greedy, and listen to great music, with or without our DJ's present.   I want people to know they are always welcome at Charley's.  Also, Josh, I want people to know I am looking at adding singers and concerts to Charley's line up     We are hiring DJs and Hosts.  If you are interested in knowing more, just talk to me. 


So…there you have it Folks, for the finest in Beach entertainment, scoot on down to Charley’s Beach Club and Mystic Blues.  It will be well worth your time and you will be so glad you did.  Say “Hello” to Amilee.

And when they ask how you found the place, tell ‘em Josh sent ya.

Be there.  Aloha!


SURL Charley’s Beach Club:

SURL Mystic Blues:


  1. I have been a Patron for some time... the Music is second to none, as the DJ's are AMAZING, and professional, the Hosts are fun... and the People are welcoming...making you feel like Family... Cheers to Charleys Beach Club!!!!!! Treat yourself to an evening of fun!!!!!


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