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Tuesday, July 4, 2023


Among the many musical styles available in SecondLife, Blues is certainly one of the most prevalent.  Iconic among those clubs is a place called Crossroads Blues.  Long a staple of the Blues community here, Crossroads has been around for nearly two decades, as a gathering place for aficionados of the genre.  Many a blues lover was disappointed when Crossroads closed its doors a while back.  But guess what?  They’re Baaaaaack! (Said in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice)

I happened to be in the area the other week, when I heard the distinctive sounds of a blues harp, wafting over the airwaves.  Not just ANY old harmonica solo, but the kind that reaches deep inside you, moving you to the very marrow of your bones.  I just had to check it out, drawn in as if by some hypnotic trance.  There I came upon The Front Porch: Crossroads, and the new proprietor, Anodyne Darkes.  She needed a break from the exhausting work of moving pixels around in preparation for their Grand Re-Opening, so she agreed to chat with me about this well-known establishment.

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB):    So, tell me, Anodyne…  Just what is The Front Porch: Crossroads all about?

Anodyne Darkes (AD):  The Crossroads is a Blues Music venue, featuring some very serious straight forward Blues DJ's guaranteed to bring you to your feet. Our mission is to showcase the BEST in Blues Music, whether you're a die-hard blues fan or a casual blues lover. I have always had a deep fascination with Robert Johnson and the whole Crossroads deal which was my inspiration for The Crossroads venue. The Crossroads attracts a world-wide family of Blues fans and musicians. The Front Porch build makes for a perfect blues-juke joint ambiance where visitors can relax, dance and make new friends. Every day is a Music day at The Crossroads and you can expect to hear some of the best blues music here. The vibe. We are all about the vibe.

JB:      Crossroads has long been an iconic institution in SL.  Can you share with us a bit of background on this Historic Venue?

AD:    We originally opened in June 2006, there were no blues clubs and not a lot of blues music fans so we called ourselves "The House of Tunes" to attract everyone. We wanted to call ourselves House of Blues but settled on Tunes. Shortly thereafter we moved to a private estate and The Crossroads was born. We used to have a road going around the sim and people could rez and ride a motorcycle. The Crossroads was ran/owned by other people during my absences but we keep coming back and hope to remain in SL for many more years to come.

JB:      What sets Crossroads apart from the many other clubs out there with a similar theme?

AD:    The Crossroads is an experience like no other. It combines a truly unique setting. We are a Blues Music only venue where some clubs mix music genres. The Crossroads was one of the first blues venues and people have oh so many memories here. I gave a lot Blues DJ's got their start here and for many, this was their 1st blues experience in SL.  We became known as more than just a club in SL, we became a place where music feeds the soul.

JB:      Who do you hope to attract to your build? What special group of people might The Front Porch: Crossroads appeal to?

AD:    The Bonfire out front burns nightly under the large oak trees and provides a warm romantic welcome as you enter the rustic surroundings. The Crossroads gives the visitor that "Juke Joint" feeling as you travel up the steps to the "Front Porch". This warm vibe is what draws people in. Once inside, you feel like you have stepped into the blues as you look around. The wall of portraits autographed by the "Kings and Queens" of the Blues and the other surroundings attest to the quality of your entertainment.  We want this to be your "date night" destination and we'll keep the Bonfire burning.

JB:      What has been your biggest challenge in reopening Crossroads?

AD:    Trying to give all these wonderful DJ's the times in which they can DJ here. There's just not enough hours in the day.

JB:      Just how many guests can you host on the sim here?

AD:    Currently we are 40 guests because we are on mainland, that will change soon as we move to a private estate.  I feel very comfortable with 20-30 people at any time.

JB:      It must take quite a staff to run an operation like this.  How big is your staff, and who are some of the key folks here?

AD:    It is my absolute pleasure to (business) partner and host The Crossroads with Captain Schorr. He and I have been friends for over 12 years in SL and together we have decades of Blues club experience and knowledge. We currently have a handful of great hosts and 20 DJ's and we adding more. We are always looking for Blues DJ's, but we seek that DJ that plays more than just mainstream blues.

JB:      Do you plan to host Special events here? Weddings?  Funerals?  Rezz Day Celebrations? Bar Mitzvas? Blues Festivals?  And how might someone learn of any scheduled activities here?

AD:    We love special events and themed parties. If it's your Rez day, let us know, we'd love to celebrate your day. We also have LIVE musicians perform periodically as well as Live tribute shows involving a cast of the band that we are doing the tribute of.

JB:      And how about the future?  Do you have any plans for future development?

AD:    There's a full sim in the works with Club/homes for those that wish to live at the Crossroads and also re-adding our beloved Blues Museum and the roads to ride. Stay tuned.

JB:      Is there anything else you would like to share with our SLE Readers?

AD:    I know a lot of folks can't get out to RL clubs and SL gives them that feeling and experience of Clubbing and socializing. If you want to feel the realness of the Blues, please join us for a memorable blues experience at The Crossroads.


So…there you have it, folks.  If you are a current Blues fan, or maybe even a future blues fan but just don’t know it yet, head on over to The Front Porch: Crossroads Blues, at the location below. 

You’ll be so glad you did.

Tell ‘em “Josh sent ya!”

Be there.  Aloha!





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