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Thursday, March 14, 2024

MARCH 15TH, another batch of UNOFFICIAL HOLIDAYS- Lanai jarrico Reporting...


As if I don’t have enough fluff to contribute this week in the news. Today; March 15th, is yet another Unofficial holiday of sorts! Not as many holidays as yesterday but there’s a few I wanted to observe. I have no clue where peeps come up with this shit but here goes…

International Every Girl Wins Day!

Ok Ladies, if you are a working mom then you had your moment yesterday but nowhere on the internet says you can’t observe today too! Go buy a lotto ticket, pick a fight with your significant other, buy new shoes, get a manicure and live your best Life! You are a winner in whatever you decide to do today! I decided to hit Bad Vegas and maybe take my chances at this diner.

Bad Vegas:


I wish I knew some fun facts about this outrageous unofficial holiday. I picture some office worker all upset because it's the end of the day and they just have to finish up some final paperwork for a meeting in the morning. As they reach for their handy stapler, it’s empty. Everyone else went home for the day and the supply cabinet was locked. They were banned from touching other colleagues' stuff due to a missing lunch from the fridge caught on camera. One more infraction and they will get fired. WELL WTF!!!! would be my choice of words. The organizer of this unofficial holiday must have been pissed.


Ok now, I can muster up a level of decorum and not make a joke about everything. This day is deserved for all the K-9’s that had a hand in busting a bunch of peeps in the drug game, in particular when weed was illegal, now I’m sure those same peeps don’t care much for this furry officer after serving some time.  Anyways, Congrats and thank you to the K-9 Vets for your service. Spend the day gnawing on your favorite bone, it’s deserved!

Good thing mine is retired!

L. Ron Hubbard Day

OK this guy was a famous science fiction and fantasy writer and today is his birthday. He’s responsible for Scientology. Either you believe in it or you don’t but the dude caught Tom Cruise’s attention and a plethora of other celebrities some of which left the church over some shady shit. Let me stop talking before I have peeps following me around town.

National Coconut Torte Day

What in the actual  EFF is this? The origin of this day is unknown but if I took a stab at the reasoning, it must have been because someone really loved it so much they made it an official holiday or it really sucks and it was a way to keep unannounced visitors away. *shrugs*

National Earmuff Day

How embarrassing! What are we in the third grade or something? Who does this anymore and if parents still strap these things to their kid’s heads and send them off to school, shame on them!  They are contributing to bullying. Just stop. I’m unofficially canceling this unofficial holiday once and for all!

National Good Samaritan Day

I thought long and hard about this one. I celebrate this unofficial holiday every day with the exception of  Friday nights…. It just so happens that today is Friday and I’m about to pick up a bottle of wine after work to ring in the weekend of unadulting and a big fat hangover the next day. I promise I’ll be good on Monday!

National Jewel Day

I’m not sure if I should splurge on a nice piece of jewelry today or just put on every ring in my inventory and walk around SL like I have on a Mr. T start up kit. Some of these holidays make no dang sense…

National No Smoking Day

Ok hold on a second now.. It’s good samaritan day too on a Friday and now we are encouraged to not smoke today… I get it.  Nicotine is bad so this day is to help folks lay off the cigarettes. Noone said anything about weed though… It’s legal in Jersey so right after I hit up the liquor store I’m stopping by the dispensary.

National Open an Umbrella indoors day

Yea EFF that, My grandmother always told me it was bad luck.

Registered Dietician Nutritionist Day

Have an apple and drink plenty of water.

Ken Day

Yes we are talking about Barbie’s on and off again sweet, supportive and loyal boyfriend. Today is his day. I really don’t have anything to say about this. I would find a boyfriend like that to be annoying AF, especially on a Friday night…

Happy March 15th Everyone. Spend the day doing whatever it is you want to do, Tomorrow is another holiday…


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