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Showing posts with label 7seas. Show all posts

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fishing in Second Life-Jessi2009 Warrol Reporting…

There are many things to do in Second Life and apparently one of those things is fishing. Yes fishing, complete with rods, fishing line, boats, and of course fish! 

A really good friend of mine, John, is a fisher in Second Life and he took the time to explain to me the various types of fishing systems from both a fisher and land owner standpoint.

We were standing in the 7Seas Area on Tribute City, which definitely did not smell “fishy”.  As John explained, “Fishing in Second Life is very similar to real life fishing, without having to actually clean the fish. There are many systems available. 7Seas, Neo Realms, Fish Hunt, Magic Fishing, and Star Fishing are the most well-known fishing systems. There is also Evo-Fishing, which I really don’t know much about”.

“Each fishing systems have their own ups and downs”, John continued. “I have fished them all. My personal favorite is Fish Hunt, but I really enjoy hosting 7Seas and Neo-Realms”. We teleported down to the main area of Tribute City, which is fishing central. I noticed buoys, vendors, and what looked like bait barrels.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

SLE’s Fishing Tournament kicking off Tuesday November 5th @ 6pm slt

The SL Enquirer just stocked the lake outside of the Media Center and will be holding a tournament Tuesday November 5th at 6pm SLT for a chance to win some free advertising.

If you have an updated 7seas fishing pole and a full bucket of bait, bring it along. If you don’t have fishing equipment, no worries! You can pick some up on the dock. Be sure to show up early for the best spot. 

The Tournament will start promptly at  6pm SLT

hosted by DJ Mystic Glenwalker

Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place

1. Bragging Rights, 1st place trophy, 3000L SLE gift certificates, gift certificates from sponsors
2.2nd place trophy, 300L SLE gift certificate

3.3rd Place trophy, 50L SLE gift Certificate