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Showing posts with label Aspie. Show all posts

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Visions of an Aspie at The Janus Gallery

 You are cordially invited to join us Sunday, September 5th from 11am-1pm slt for the opening of Xia Chieng’s new exhibit in The Janus Gallery entitled, "Visions of an Aspie." Bsukmet and 은지 DD will provide their unique musical stylings, guaranteeing a full sensory deep dive into art. We can’t wait to share it with you!

Xia's description of this show:

The world is a little blurry for me. I am aspie. I was diagnosed late with Asperger's syndrome. It is difficult for me to communicate with other people, understand social rules and behavior. I live for it in my bubble, inside a shell, following my own rules and avoiding others. I am elusive reclusive. With this work done in the physical world, using different techniques of painting, oil and gouache mainly, I want to share situations, sensations, and lived emotions that words cannot describe.

-Xia Chieng


About Bsukmet:

Bsukmet begins his musical journey at the age of 6, attending piano and musical language classes at an academy with exams through the Toledo Conservatory. Since he was little, he has traveled to various locations giving piano concerts with a classical repertoire.

In 2006 he joined the Madrid gothic pop rock band Evil Thoughts, taking on the role of keyboardist and lead songwriter. Together with them, he writes 2 albums, the second of which is composed entirely by him.
In 2010 he entered the virtual world of Second Life, where he began his career as a DJ, focusing on artistic events, such as the SL anniversary party, and other projects with diffusion in the real world such as the Nice Carnival.
 In 2019 he abandons his role as a DJ to start showing his own creations in Second Life. Since then he has released 2 solo albums: “Zero” and “Third Demise”.

He is currently working on his third album “Shattered, Almost Detached” and collaborating on other projects such as soundtracks for video games and the Mind Binomy group with MorlitaM (Olga Martínez).
Bsukmet mainly uses electronic and orchestral resources, but his style is eclectic, and his method consists in using exclusively free resources available to everyone and avoiding the use of sounds created by other composers.

About 은지 DD:

"One of the most fascinating and somewhat mysterious musicians in Second Life, DD (DD Alpha) makes electronic music in what she describes as "mind pictures", fusing different genres together; at times ambient, other times house or meeting techno. Such musical cocktails can oftentimes be reminiscent of Kraftwerk or New Order crossing over with Boards of Canada, Four Tet, or Aphex Twin. Like time travel one can very quickly be transported from the West Berlin of the late 1970s or 1980s to Manchester and the British electronic revolution of the late 1980s or early 1990s, usually in touch with the elements of contemporary electronic music with DD's unique signature."