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Showing posts with label Bubbles Song. Show all posts

Saturday, June 11, 2016

The SLE Buzz: Spotlight on Bubbles Song (In-World: Trinity Ermintrood)

When did you join Second Life and what does SL mean to you?

I Joined Second Life in November 2009. At first I really had no idea what it was all about and I spent a long time just wandering aimlessly around. But then I found my way with a little help and now, SL means a great deal to me. I have a fantastic circle of friends and family whom I consider to be very much my RL friends and family, and SL has enabled me to sing and share my music as I cannot in RL. And that is a huge thing for me. To have the ongoing support  of my followers and "fans" means more than I could put into words.

Where in the world are you from? The Isle of Wight in England.

How did you discover Second Life and what was your first reaction?

I think I found it on an ad on a website, I can't remember which, but as I said above, I really had no clue what it was all about and was just a wandering noob, for a long while. Then I took a break - or more so, I forgot about SL - for about a year, then came back and was lucky enough to fall into a group of great people who helped me learn and grow within SL.

How would you describe your personal style in three words?

Bubbly, Fun, Random.

What are three special things you wished everyone in SL knew about you?

Some people think I'm a one trick pony when it comes to my singing, and a lot won't come to my events because they think it's all love songs, or even musicals and Broadway. But I have over 700 songs on my song list through literally every single genre, there is definitely something on there for someone and I'd love for people to come along who previously wouldn't have done, to see just how versatile I can be with my singing. And to request things they've never heard me do before!!

Can you tell SLE what inspired your involvement in the SL community?

I've always loved music, and when I came back to SL and started learning it properly, I was encouraged to DJ, so I did, and then I started playing some of my own songs during my DJ sets and pretty much everyone was telling me to become a singer in SL. So much so that I had a VERY kind sponsor who helped me get the equipment I needed to be able to start singing.

What are your thoughts on the SL culture? What would you change to improve the quality of your experience?

SL is a great place to meet new people, discover new things and to express yourself in every way possible, whether it be through music (DJing or Singing), whether it be through fashion (making clothes, or just what you wear), how you build and portray your avatar, the people you hang out with, and every other day. I think it's an AMAZING platform for people, like myself, who have difficulties or illnesses in RL who find it hard to get outside, or to meet people or socialize. It's an amazing way of being able to do things you never thought you'd be able to. And can also be such an educational tool in many ways.
The only thing I would change in SL is the greifers, trolls and bullies. But I think LL do their best with reports and such and I can't really think of another way to improve that.

What have you learned about yourself in SL?

I have learned some personal truths about myself, which I won't go in to lol. I've learned that I like some things and dislike some things, that I didn't even know were a thing. I've also learned a lot about creating things. Clothes, furniture, pictures etc.. And this has led me to learn a lot of new programs outside SL, such as Photoshop. I've found a lot of very good friends in SL, and I've learned to trust a lot more people than I did before SL, but I've also learned who not to trust. And I've also become a much better singer since singing in SL due to doing it every single day, when before I wasn't doing it at all.  And it's also raised my confidence a lot, in SL and in RL.

What are your most memorable/funny moments?

After 7 years in SL, there have been FAR too many funny and memorable moments to name just one. And many embarrassing moments also. I do recall one time, I was singing live, and it's always been a mission of some of my friends to try and make me laugh while I'm singing. And this time, they succeeded. They had me laughing so much, I couldn't continue. I had tears streaming down my face and had to stop the music because I just couldn't breathe. Luckily, everyone was laughing with me and we all had a lot of fun.
But as I said, there have been so many, and they will all always stay with me and make me smile.

What are your favorite places to visit in SL for entertainment?

Being that I sing at SO many venues, it's difficult to pick out my favorites. Sadly, I don't really have much time to actually go and enjoy being at a venue when I'm not working. But when I do, I love Greased Lightning. it's also one of my favorite places to sing. Such an awesome crowd of people, and the staff are fantastic too.
Another of my Favorites is LochNess. Another group of people I've been singing for, for over 3 years. I love them all dearly. And it's a great place to hang out and a beautiful sim to explore with so many different events on all the time.

Where do you like to shop?

I mostly do shopping events rather than specific shops. Such as FaMESHed, Colabor88, Kustom 9, N21, Shiny Shabby... And SOOOOOO many more.... I have a real problem with shopping lol...
But if I do go to a specific store, it's usually Blueberry, Addams, Just Because, HH, Dead Dollz, Candydoll..... Okay maybe there's a lot of them... I'll stop the list there. Lol.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about you?
Music is my passion. I love being able to sing and share my music with the people of SL. Singing in SL, and the compliments and loyalty I get from my followers, fans, friends, family, means more to me than I can express and has done more for me, in RL as well as SL. And I will be forever grateful for that. The ongoing support and encouragement of people in SL is something I will never forget   And I want to thank you all for that. Thank you every one that has stood by me, helped me, complimented me. Anyone that has ever come to one of my gigs, tipped me, requested songs from me or just been there to enjoy the music. You are all the reason I do this, and the reason I have carried on through some very difficult times, in which, again, so many people have stood by me. The people in my group are not just my "fans" they are my friends, and I appreciate and am grateful for each and every one of you. Thank you.

Preferred contact: Bubbles Song (Trinity Ermintrood)


Monday, November 3, 2014

And they Lived Happily Ever After-The Wedding of Nicholas Courtois and Bubbles Song Debby Sharma Reporting...

Samual Wetherby; edited by Debby Sharma to form to a collage.

The sun was almost setting; it was 3:00 pm. We could see the rays peering through the branches of the trees at the start of the altar. The trees blossomed blue and white flowers with white lights hanging down and transmitting a perfect romantic aura in the environment.  On 26th of October, 2014, Nicholas Courtois and Bubbles Song wed in the holy matrimony of forever love.

The groom walked down the altar, covered with petals, with the groomsman, Cowboy Swansan. Nicholas stood there waiting at the end of the altar with his eyes sparkling as he looked down thinking about the last few moments of his bachelor life ended. Then the flower girl, Sara, followed by Ivy, the bridesmaid with Blackheart, Best man and son of the couple, entered and walked towards the altar. The groom looked up with the smile and thinking all the dreams he had dreamt with his love. Becks and Bubbles held hands while climbing up the steps to walk to the end of altar. Every one smiled at the beautiful bride. The groom, Nicholas looked determined and convinced that she is the only one who could complete him in every way.  

Samual Wetherby; edited by Debby Sharma to form to a collage. 

The beautiful white wedding gown sewed with soft silk and ribbons were custom made by “Junbug”. Bubbles says, “It was a weird story actually. Ever since I was a little girl, I've always said that when I get married I want Sarah's ball gown from the movie The Labyrinth. I couldn't find a mesh version in SL so I settled for a beautiful dress made by my friend Tori. When I was out shopping for bridesmaid dresses, I stumbled across this one, which is almost an exact replica of my dream dress, so I had to have it. Thank you so much Tori.”

Photograph Credits: Samual Wetherby

The preacher, Vasanti Romano, started the wedding ceremony by saying, “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join together Nicholas Courtois and Bubbles Song in the hands of marriage.” After a moment of silence, she asked Becks Jarman, bride’s best friend to give her away to Nicholas Courtois. The preacher asked both Bubbles and Nicholas if they wanted to take each other to be their wedded husband and wife respectively. Would they love, honour, comfort, and cherish each other from that day forward, forsaking all others, keeping only unto each other for as long as you both shall live. Bubbles replied “I do” with commitment and love in her eyes. The couple looked at each other sharing a smile with sparkle in their eyes. Nicholas replied without any hesitation, “I do.”

When it was time to exchange their vows, Nicholas chuckled saying, “Course it's me first..." while searching his pockets, he said, “I wanted to cheat and take the words I had written for you in my picks and recycle them, not because I waited 'til today to write my vows, but because they capture how I feel for you and how I've felt for you since the day we met.” Bubbles smiled as she looked at her organised man. He continued, “On that day I was looking for a DJ to hire instead I found you, a friend, my girl, my songbird. Granted, I never spoke to you much after that day and did all I could to avoid you but the moment I needed you - you appeared. You made me laugh and gave me no down time to wallow in shit. And since that day you've been caring for me, loving me and, let's face it, you've had moments you've been "dealing" with me. For a while there I was scattered and struggling and ready to book but you, with all your patience and sweetness made it your mission to help me see how lucky I am. If anyone doubts it I'll confirm to them right now that you are the most amazing woman. You showed up right when I needed you. You replaced bullshit with sanity, conflict with calm and doubt with your own brand of goofy optimism - all the while dancing around me, sticking flowers in my hair as I scowl and try not to laugh...A songbird...a siren who has sung me into a fog of something new and strange. Those were my feelings then and they're my feelings now, but here on out I get to love you as my wife.”

With tears rolling down, Bubbles wiped her cheeks saying, “I know these are probably longer than your average wedding vows, so please forgive me. But there is a lot I wanted to say to this amazing man, and you all know me well enough to know I talk too much.” With a quick laugh, taking his hand and looking up into his eyes, she spoke softly, “Nick, The very moment you came into my life, is the moment my world was turned upside down. I've never felt so inexplicably drawn to someone from the second they said "Hello". Although I had to bury it away and hide it, I always shone a little bit brighter when you were around. It was a long time coming before we found our way to one another, but when we did, it happened exactly when the time was right for both of us. You have made me feel more deeply than I thought I could, and made me happier every single day than I ever thought I would be. It hasn't been an easy road for us, but I truly believe it has been worth it. We have been brought closer and made stronger and what we have now is exactly what it should be. There is nothing we cannot face if we stand together. You make my heart smile and you are more of amazement to me, each day I rediscover you. I fall in love with you again and again with each kiss and I'm the luckiest girl alive that you chose me to be your wife. And on this day and every day onward, I promise myself to you totally and completely. I promise to trust you, encourage you and respect you. To cherish your love and never take you for granted. I promise to always be honest and open with you. To earn your love every day and always be the girl you deserve. My heart and soul are already yours but I promise to let you keep them, as long as you keep them safe and I promise to do the same with yours in return. I promise to have the patience that love demands, to speak when words are needed and to share in the silence when they are not and to never let us lose our spark. I promise to always argue with you.” She looked up saying, “I told you I'd get that in there!” smiling again she continued, “I promise to always be your good luck charm and cheerleader for every Broncos game. But most of all, I promise to love you unconditionally and without hesitation. Loving what I know of you and trusting what I don’t yet know, I give you my hand. I give you my love. I give you myself. These are my vows, and I make them to you with a soul full of love and a heart full of you. With every beat of my heart, I love you.”

The rings were exchanged. Nicholas placed the ring on Bubbles's finger followed by Bubbles. They took an oath, “With this ring I thee wed. I wear it as a symbol of our love and commitment.” With this Vasanti Romano ends with her final words, “I pronounce that they are husband and wife. You may now seal the promises you have made with each other with a kiss. Nicholas, you may kiss your bride!”

Photograph Credits: Samual Wetherby; edited by Debby Sharma to form to a collage.

After the wedding and the photo session, the couple went to the reception area, which was a wedding gift from the groomsman, Cowboy. Family and friends raised a toast for the newly wed couple.

Blackheart Taurus, the couple’s son said, “All I can say is I wish you and Nick all the happiness that two special people can have as they both deserve it. One promise I make to you is that I will not let you down in anyway. Congrats and much happiness to mom and dad.”

Becks Jarman, best friend of the Bride said, “Hello! For those of you who may not know me, I'm Becks! I'd sincerely like to thank everyone who could be with us today to celebrate this wonderful day. I have known Bubbles since my very first weeks on Second Life and from the first conversation with her I knew we were sister souls and I came to love her more than I can say! She showed me how much fun there is to be had here and has since been my best friend, my sister, my roommate, and still one of absolute favorite people in and out of second life! And just like Bubbles and i became fast friends, Bubbles knew Nick was the man for her the moment she met him. He was definitely her knight in shining sunglasses! I've never seen her glowing and so happy as I have when she's around this guy and I love him for it! I truly believe these two have something strong and special and I couldn't be happier for you both! I can't thank you both enough for letting me be such a big part of your special day. I'm so honoured and happy I could be here today. I know it's been a bumpy road planning this day, some keyboard malfunctions and crashes.  but we accomplished it like a boss!”

Ivy (Cottonhand) said, “The groom is my brother. I can say that Trinity is a special gift for him. I have known Nick for over a year. We met at a Rock Club. He supported me till that time and I tried to be there for him. When he told me about Bubbles, I could understand that she is very special girl and when I met her, she found a permanent place in my heart. I wish both of them a happy life. I feel so honoured to be her bridesmaid.”

Jeanette Contepomi says, “He proposed to her at my park during her show. I have those pictures too. My daughter is their flower girl too.

Deligaff says to Bubbles, “I am so happy you have found your soul mate, I wish you and him many years of happiness.”

Delores Beaumont says, “Bubbles is what her name implies, a very bubbly personality, Nick seems to be equally as fun to be around, I think they have found the perfect partnership and wish them a very long and happy marriage together. Good luck to you both and thank you for inviting me to be a part of your special day.”
Daydream said, “Nick and Bubbles, you are the perfect SL couple.  I wish for you happiness and joy for as long as it is possible here on SL.  Love you both.”

McDerix and Mariza said, “I've known Bubbles for a long time, some would say too long! But we had a date every Thursday at the Rockin Blues Cellar and she became
great friends with all of us!  We'd like to wish Bubbles and Nick a long and happy one and a great marriage too. We love you guys.”

KiikiiDoll and Jayson said, “Congratulations to Bubbles and Nick. Sorry we were not able to make the wedding :( Jayson and I wish you and Nick all the best!”

Photograph Credits: Samual Wetherby; edited by Debby Sharma to form to a collage.

Mrs. and Mr. Courtois thanked Cowboy who graciously allowed them the venue to celebrate. Nichlas laughingly said, “CB who is like my brother, since I met the guy he's had no problem giving shit to me straight and threatening to kick me at every turn. Thanks for the support, brother. Then there's Black, my son, he thinks he's better looking than me but I think it's evident who's the good looking one in this family, his mother.” He continued, “I also want to thank Becks who has been there when I might have messed things up with the girl who is now my wife. So with all that out of the way I say get drunk, request some music, keep up the talking and have fun. Salud!” With this they raised glass for the last time till they put their feet on the floor with a brief cake cutting event and eventually to their first dance.

On behalf of SL Enquirer, we would like to wish all the happiness and love to our newlywed couple, Bubbles and Nicholas Courtois.