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Showing posts with label Caelia Bellic. Show all posts

Monday, October 10, 2011

In the Know with Clothing Designer Caelia Bellic

There are many things I like to do in-world, but two that stand out are perform and find hot clothes to wear. As a part of the group Unity Productions, I'm able to do both in our latest production, The Misfits. Not only do I get to dance and strut my stuff on the stage, but I'm also able to wear the grunge-tastic wares of clothing designer Caelia Bellic, owner of Cae.B designs. I was a fan of Cae's clothing before the production, and have spent time with a friend going to Cae's mainstore [slurl] and waxing philosophically about the artistry of Cae's designs. How much do I dig Cae's grunge couture? There is a folder in my invy marked "ALL CAE.B." And it's stocked!

As a lover of Caelia Bellic's clothing, I sought her out to ask a few questions about what inspires her to design her wares...among other things. And she graciously replied...