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Showing posts with label Curei. Show all posts

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Inspiration Island – Curei’s Floating Gallery - revisited - Lacy Muircastle reporting...

"CUREI'S FLOATING GALLERY," gently meanders high above the beautiful educational sim, "Inspiration Island."

A wondrous adventure for your eyes awaits visitors to the gallery.  It features the panoramic photo work of the photojournalist "Curei" (pronounced: CURE-ee-eye,) and special guest exhibitors from time to time.

Curei hopes that you will take time to enjoy the Central Plaza area, the model sailboats, the serene Meditation Alcove, as well as the magnificent one-of-a-kind spiral fountain.  Watch out for the strolling peacocks.   Curei said they have a great Jazz Corner, and to listen out for the relaxing music stream on the rest of the "floater."   Keep your eyes and soul open, who knows what else you might discover.

Curei would like to thank so many without whom this creation would not have been possible.  In particular, Pluto Fairey, who gifted the basic "floater" as a beginning, and it was most certainly a wonderful place to start.

The gallery has been up and running for about a year, and during that time, it has been chosen twice as a "Featured Event" and once as an "Editors' Choice," with more of that sort of thing on the way.   The gallery has introduced Wolfman Jack who will be performing on the grand performance plaza. He will be presenting the great dance tunes of the 1950s every Saturday from 3 to 5: PM (SL time).  What’s more, there is a super giveaway for all visitors.  On Sundays, from 5 to 6: PM (SL time), the gallery presents the great Latin American Spanish guitarist, Joaquin Gustav, live and direct from Buenos Aires.  Both shows do a bang-up finish with the largest fireworks display that you’ve ever seen in Second Life©

Below this little floating paradise, you will find an exceptionally interesting place  the main Inspiration Island. It is a place to learn and to discover.  You will find a special Transportation Globe in the landing area of the gallery that will take you there.

 Curei's Floating Gallery is a place to renew one's soul.  A place for your relaxation and enjoyment.  This is a place to return to as often as you wish. Whether it's the panoramic visual arts or the varied performing arts, it’s a place not quite like anywhere else.  It’s friendly, sensitive and meaningful for all.  It is for you.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Renew your soul - Curei's Floating Gallery - Lacy Muircastle reporting

Curei’s Floating Gallery - Grand Opening this weekend Sat., Feb., 24th & Sun., Feb. 25th. 

Second Life is amongst other things a platform for individuals to set their creativity free.  Curei’s Floating Gallery is just that, creativity set free…

 "Curei's Floating Gallery"  is a dream that has come to fruition.  It floats high above Inspiration Island one of Second Life’s longest running sims.

 So who is Curei?  "Curei" (pronounced: CURE-ee-eye) Is a photojournalist in real life.  “Or, in what is left of photojournalism in the retreating form of current "hard copy" publishing,” she said.

She looked around at many of the galleries in SL and discovered that there was no shortage of them.  Curei found that some of the art and photography was original and very creative. However, it seemed to her that most of the works were still being displayed within the "other world" concept of pictures on a wall.

She wanted something different and to share her soul with Second Life, to reach for new vistas of creation and display.  The end result is exciting.  She has tapped into the talents and capabilities of other artists such as Gee (GeeJAnn Blackadder) who is a sculptor.  It is far from being all about Curei, she said, “often the best that can be done is not going to be all about me, but about a number of us together, working as a great creative team.”

Curei’s dream was made possible by many SL residents, and she would like to thank them as without them her creation would not have seen the light of day.  Pluto Fairey, of The Forest, gifted the basic "floater" as a beginning, and Curei said it was most certainly a wonderful place to start.

Wisdomseeker, the founder and director of the Inspiration Island sim, and the rest of the incredible leadership of the island gave them an exceptional home in their sky.

So many residents, from all aspects of SL, helped get the gallery up and floating.  There was Francisco Koolhoven, the tech expert of Inspiration Island, Wordsmith Jarvinen, the Chancellor of Oxbridge University, and Tooyaa from Inspiration Island.  And there was Ari, and Par, Catseye Tennen, Khamon Fate, and the hosting volunteers, and many others.

The team from Curei’s Floating Gallery hope that everyone will enjoy the fact that there will be much to see.   There is the Central Plaza area, the little model sailboats, a lovely Meditation Alcove, a magnificent one-of-a-kind spiral fountain, strolling peacocks, the Little Jazz Corner, as well as a relaxing music stream.  And who knows what else you might discover.

Speaking of discovering things, a mysterious object has been hidden somewhere on the floater.  It is an interesting surprise.  Come and see if you can find it?  Hint:  It’s a thing, and it has but one moving part.  If you find it, please don't tell anyone what it is and don't tell them where they can find it. Let them explore and find it for themselves.

This is a place to renew one's soul, a place for relaxation and enjoyment.  You are invited to join in the adventure of discovery and to return to as often as you wish.