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Showing posts with label DJ Shine. Show all posts

Monday, August 5, 2013

Fashionably Frugal is set to kick off Grand Opening on Monday August 5th from 4- 6 pm SLT with Black Soul Rhythms’ DJ Shine.

With a combination of tech issues, internet services being haters, and other unforeseen issues the grand opening set for July 27th was a bust!  However, we have great news Everyone!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DJ SHINE Joins The Black Soul Rhythms Radio Staff

(JUNE 22, 2011) Black Soul Rhythms Radio is proud to welcome it's newest staff member Sean Namori a.k.a. DJ SHINE to the family. This creative DJ from RL New Jersey has been producing radio shows for BSR Radio for more than a month and already commands an audience when he does his live events in SecondLife. Come see him for yourself every Friday night at SugarHill Lounge 5:00PM slt.

We sat down with DJ SHINE and chatted with him briefly and we share that conversation with you:

BSR RADIO: Give us a brief synopsis of your DJ experience??

SEAN NAMORI: well im an up and coming radio dj(because believe or not we now have different types of djs in this day an age , i thought we all were in one category but hey lol ) learning as much as i can to become better at what i do . i havent had much experience (unless u count sneaking onto my dad's turntables and making my own mixes while he was away at work hehe.) .music is my life and i love sharing what moves me to my audience. growing up around music and watching my dad dj kept me infused into all music. mixing and creating music was awesome for me to watch. to this day i still get chills when i hear a live band or a good song . and with that foundation i think my skills will grow as a dj.