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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spotlight Feature: Explore and Discover, Endeavour Cove - Lukes Lionheart Reporting...

Endeavour Cove

America has a space shuttle named “ Endeavour”. That name comes from good lineage. History buffs might remember something about Captain Cook and his famous sailing ship “The Endeavour”. For those who might not, here is a brief run down. Captain James Cook was a British explorer, navigator, cartographer and Captain of the famous exploration ship “HM Bark Endeavor”. He was the first European to make contact with the eastern coastline of Australia and the Hawaiian Islands, as well as the first recorded circumnavigation of New Zealand. In short, he was a famous explorer who made many remarkable discoveries. This is where Endeavor Cove derives their name. They, and I, would like to invite you to come “Explore and Discover Endeavor Cove”