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Showing posts with label Dragonheart Spiritweaver. Show all posts

Monday, January 12, 2015

Imagine Magazine Issue 17 Now Available!- January 2015

In this January issue of imagine we have some amazing content and great photos to share as we kick off the New Year in style!! 

  • Patrick and Liz Thorkfeld- "Vision of the Future of SL"
  • Selma Sella- "Chicken or Pasta?"
  • A Look into SL Biker Gangs- Lanai Jarrico Interview
  • Dragonheart Spiritweaver- "SL Fine Adventures"
  • Gish Gaurdian-"Is Sl Dead?" 
  • RebeccaSue Magic- "Artistic Look at SL"

 Enjoy  Dragonheart SpiritWeaver CEO Imagine Magazine.

Read more here

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Holidays, Honeymoons and Hook Ups .... Dragonheart Spiritweaver Reporting...

Nikolai Warden and his partners have created a romantic refuge for patrons looking for something unique and private on short term rental basis. “Holidays, Honeymoons, and Hook Ups” is a set of romantic venues for people who want a private place to enjoy their significant other but don’t want the hefty tiers when they are on SL for short periods of time. I sat down with Nikolai as part of his SLE Spotlight letting our readers get to know this dynamic personality who with his partner and best friend is reaching out to a whole community in need of a place to hang their hat… temporarily. *wink*

So what originally brought you to SL?
“My best friend, we lived far from one another we have been friends since I was in first grade and she was in second grade. She said it would be a good way for us to hang about with one another long distance. It has proven to be the case. In RL, I had been working third shifts for years, and we never had a chance to see one another.”

Cool, so when you popped into Help Island what was your first impression?
“My first impression was that I had to disable those annoying pop up instructions! *laugh* Back then, people who hung out there seemed like they had to present themselves as eccentric as possible—the scare or dazzle newbie scenario.”

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

From the Desk of Dragonheart Spiritweaver- Imagine Magazine

It seems no matter where you turn these days, there are negatives. We all spend a lot of time focusing on what isn’t going right, even dwell on it. Not me. *cough* Heh, but if you do it the other way around, and focus on what is good, what feels right, things seem to just flow better. Not to say that you don’t get knocked upside the head at times with truths you’d be happy not to have experienced, but it does take the ‘edge’ off the sadness and slows the cycle of despair down a notch or two. Let’s face it, evolution is painful and what I have been observing is unsettling around the grid.

 First, there has been a mass exodus of creative people from SL at an alarming rate or who are downsizing their operations drastically. The land barons are turning back in “grandfathered” real estate with ‘fully rented’ Sims in their advertisements. And vendors are giving back their land deferring to Marketplace to sell their wares to reduce tier costs. More and more a person can get around SL without spending any lindens at all. Unfortunately, those are not good trends. And the live music venues that need the extra income aren’t getting it because the sims that were surrounded with shops seem to be dwindling with the inclination of SL residents to be online using online access to shop.