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Showing posts with label Eclipse. Show all posts

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Meeting of Art and Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI) will be held online, in Quat Gallery, on Sunday August 27th at 10 am SLT

The regular monthly Meeting of Art and Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI)
will be held online, in Quat Gallery, on Sunday August 27th at 10 am SLT
1pm EST Topics for discussion:

Did you see the eclipse?

Moon's magnetic field?

Laser SETI?

If we have time:

Princess Leia, PhD?

Facebook shuts rogue bots?

Visited new virtual world Sansar?

We hope you can stop by to join the fun and share your Metaverse
experiences, along with your virtual gaming, computer geek adventures,
cyber art projects, and dorkbot stories. You can teleport to the meeting

Monday, September 22, 2014

Eclipse; 24/7 of the Best Second Life has to Offer- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…


Established in September 2014, Eclipse is an out of this world club. Created by DJ Dargo (Kardargo Amdamczyk) and Dy Courier, it offer Second Life residents an electrifying and high energy experience. The d├ęcor is very modern sci fi chic with geometric shapes that lay down the foundation and dance floor. Blue and white lights shine down creating an eclipse ambience as the pulsing sounds of dance music keeps the crowd moving.  

Interview with  DJ Dargo

Lanai: I’m curious to know, how did you discover Second Life?

DJ Dargo: The first avatar I created was just after Second Life started, walked around a bit on an empty region I closed the viewer and forgot about it. About 8 years ago, I watched a documentary with professor Michio Kaku, he talked about Second Life and my curiosity about this virtual world was reignited. I created a new avatar that day and never left.

Lanai: Giving Second Life another shot seems to have paid off for you. What do you like the most about this virtual world?

DJ Dargo: The people, the limitless imagination and creativity expressed in SL.

Lanai: I would have to agree with those reasons. The people and creativity is what makes Second Life and the limitless imagination allows the landscape to change with new ideas. What inspired you to create Eclipse and when was it established?

DJ Dargo: I was traveling different clubs to dj for a few years. I noticed one after another club was closing. I have been thinking about creating a club for several years and even build some, then, a year ago I fell seriously ill, when I got better I thought this was the time to start my own club. Luckily I found Jenny Chayoo to stand beside me as COO. She is an indispensable asset to the club and made most of this happen, and Dy who finally kicked me into really take the step to do this.

Lanai: I think a successful club needs a strong support system. I sounds like you have that. Who are the other people that are part of your management staff and what are their roles?

DJ Dargo: well first off COO Jenny Chayoo, she is the best a club can wish for, she put so much effort in the club pulling Hosts and DJ’s together, then there is DJ manager zaffin & Relax, they accept new dj’s and made the schedule what it is today.  Also, we recently added Robina Ewing and SkyNet to the dj management team.
Host managers, Nena, Coffee lavender (issie), Issie deluxe (isees) Renee Hernandoz take care of the hosts, they train new hosts. I like to stress that hosts are often unappreciated, but they are extremely important to the DJ’s and club, they send out a load of notices, have many friends they invite and they keep the public entertained. Hosts are often busier than the DJ’s.

Lanai: I agree, Hosts and DJs together really play an important role. They creating a club’s energy and atmosphere. Who are the DJs that provide entertainment?

DJ Dargo: There are currently over 40 DJ’s that joined the team and 13 cover DJ’s. There are too many to name but they are all equally important to the team and together with the hosts make the place to what it is.

Lanai: Wow, that is a large pool of DJs and hosts! How would you describe the style and genre of music played at Eclipse?

DJ Dargo: The style differs very much, from deep house to hard style, and everything in between.  As a club we would not like to pin ourselves down to a single genre, I myself spin Trance, but any properly mixed genre is welcome.  You could say that the style is Electronic Dance Music, but that does not fully cover the different styles the DJ’s play.

Lanai: Variety is good because it provides something for everyone. Do you have contests and special events?

DJ Dargo: We don’t do contests, we have seen this at other clubs and you only get a public that want to make some lindens, after a contest is over you never see them again.  That is not the crowd we like to attract, and honestly it is a form of gaming the traffic system. We are thinking about events but have not set any dates yet.  The usual Halloween night, Christmas party are coming up, we cannot go into details for further events yet as they are not scheduled.  We would also like to keep our ideas for ourselves just for now.. But they are coming.. we have a list!

Lanai: You make a great point about how contest can attract one time visitors only their for the lindens.  You want a regular crowd. Good thinking.  So, what separates Eclipse from other clubs in Second Life?

DJ Dargo: Oh probably nothing, we started it to stay, not to disappear in a month and leave all those that put time and energy into it hanging. We would like it to run 24/7 but that’s hard to establish.  We would also like it to be friendly towards anyone, there are limits but a little common sense will get you a long way.

Lanai: It sounds like dedication is what separates you from others. Are you currently hiring staff?

DJ Dargo: We are always looking for hosts and mixing DJ’s if you like to join the team you can fill in our online app form and we will contact you a.s.a.p.

Lanai: Do you have any upcoming events or a calendar where visitors can see what is going on daily?

DJ Dargo: all our scheduled Hosts & DJ’s can be found on our Google spreadsheet :
Coming events will be announced in the group and on the ECLIPSE FB Community page

Lanai: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about Eclipse?

DJ Dargo: I would like to say that this club is not a one man dream, it’s the dream of many people, I could never do this alone, a large team of hosts, DJ’s and managers build a club, they make it a success, not me, I’m just a tiny wheel in the machine.

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