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Showing posts with label Encore Entertainment Estate. Show all posts

Thursday, January 12, 2017

OS Metaverse: The Encore Escape is having its Grand Opening Kickoff tonight January 12th at 5pm SLT

The Encore Escape is having its Grand Opening all month, celebrating the arrival of veteran and accomplished entertainment venues and management on the OS metaverse. Potlatch Foggarty, Bellaby Ballyhoo, along with Rocky & Shannon Hillburton have spent six months building and beta testing their 81 region var on the OS. The newest grid on the OSis home to  Encore Entertainment Estate, which features four Live Music Venues, each one unique and catering to a specific genre. The estate is a result of the latest OS var technology, and is the size of 81 standard sims, with one large difference, there are no sim lines.

This means visitors can sail boats and fly airplane & helicopters across 81 regions with no interruption or sim crossings. They can also rezz a car and travel on (the appropriately named) Interstate 81 and exit at any of the aforementioned venues or other attractions including a 50’s drive-theater.

The Encore Escape also boasts that any region owner can order a free .oar file, which will give them a complete copy of their sim in its entirety, which they can take to any other OS grid and upload. Their attitude is simple, your content should belong to you. The .oar file cannot be used to take content you do not own or create of course, but large time consuming builds can easily be kept on your hard drive where they belong.

For more information just visit the website at and create a free avatar.