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Showing posts with label Gemma Cleanslate. Show all posts

Sunday, July 1, 2018

SL Newser: SL15B: Another Whole Week To Go- Gemma Cleanslate

There's so many exhibits to see at the Second Life Birthday, The Newser can't show you all of them. But we can show you a sample of what's there. Following her trip on Press Day, Gemma Cleanslate went to the SL15B grounds again to check more of them out.

by Gemma Cleanslate, originally printed by the SL Newser

Thursday, April 4, 2013

SL Newser: Queen of the Sagitarian Sea Revisited- Gemma Cleanslate Reporting...

image retrieved from SL Newser

I noticed when DrFran wrote about the first place she visited in SL, I had memories of mine. Revisiting is not always the same. Somehow the place survives but, the heart is gone. One of my first favorites was Svarga Svarga. I go look once in a while just for memories. The story however, did send me to reminiscing about old places where I still go and love. 

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