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Showing posts with label Hollywood Square Garden. Show all posts

Saturday, February 20, 2016



Two big days: Feb. 20th and 21st.
Feb 20, 6pm- 8pm SLT; Harry Frychester and Pippa Exonar.
Feb. 21st, 6pm - 8pm SLT, Jae Sands and The Rolling Stones Tribute.

Origen explains how Jae Sands inspired the building of the Hollywood Square Garden: “Well, it started a couple of months ago at a meeting Jae and I had in my office. I had hired Jae a few weeks earlier to perform on a regular basis in our 6pm SLT Sunday night spot. He has not disappointed. He sounds like a mature Frank Sinatra down to Sinatra’s NY attitude. Every week more people come to know and love his performances. I had asked Jae to come up with some big ideas as to what he wanted to do at The Hollywood Venues. At that meeting he shared a really big idea with me, but at that moment even he did not know how big it would get; neither did I.

“Jae told me about a performance that Sinatra gave in 1974 at The Madison Square Garden. The show had been televised and the soundtrack released as an album. He shared how this performance, called The Main Event,” had grown over the years to become an icon in Frank Sinatra’s history.  Jae’s idea was to put a boxing ring in the middle of The Bowl’s large dance floor and perform Sinatra’s show there, live; just as Sinatra had performed it in a boxing ring at Madison Square Garden. I liked the idea, I liked Jae’s thinking of something this big. I didn’t like the idea of doing it in The Bowl. I told Jae, ‘No! We are not going to put a boxing ring in the middle of The Bowl; we are going to build Madison Square Garden instead.’

“At first I thought that I could put something together myself; creating a venue for a one-time performance. I soon figured out that I was out of my depth. A couple of days later I met builder and creator Jennifer Steele at a party given by Robin Palmer. As Jennifer and I talked, we both got more and more excited about the project. After Jennifer said that she had to do this build, we looked at some plans and she began work on what may be one of the most ambitious builds in second life.

“I originally planned to put the whole thing on half a region; but after it was done it became obvious this building deserved to be on the whole region.

“Jae’s performance will now take place in one of the larger single building creations in Second Life, The Hollywood Square Garden, on Sunday Feb 21st at 6pm SLT.”

Origen encourages people to use the above Slurl and stop by to see the venue and then come hear Jae perform Frank Sinatra’s show, “The Main Event.”

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Two days: Feb. 20th and 21st. Four shows:
Feb 20, 6pm- 8pm SLT; Harry Frychester and Pippa Exonar.
Feb. 21st, 6pm - 8pm SLT, Jae Sands and The Rolling Stones Tribute.
Origen’s Hollywood Square Garden. The build is based on a model of Madison Square Garden in New York. Even as a scaled-down version of the real-life venue, this build is huge. When completely rezzed it has physical seating for over 2400 guests. This venue will host live performers and re-create performances that took place at Madison Square Garden over the years; from such performers as Frank Sinatra, The Rolling Stones, Tony Bennett and Fleetwood Mac.
The opening performers will be Harry Frychester and Pippa Exonar appearing on Feb. 20th at 6pm and 7pm SLT respectively.  Harry is known throughout Second Life for his smooth voice and professional performances, whether they are in the area of jazz, pop or country music. Pippa has a flair for fun, entertaining and strong female voice selections of music. When she sings one of her favorite songs, “A Spoon Full of Sugar,” from “Mary Poppins,“ one swears it is actually Julie Andrews in Pixel form. It is no wonder that at her performances she is breaking venue attendance records.
Opening the second night of this weekend event is Jae Sands (Feb. 21st, 6pm SLT). He will be re-creating Frank Sinatra’s performance at Madison Square Garden in 1974. The show was titled, “The Main Event.” Jae will perform live the songs that Sinatra did in that show. This will be followed at 7pm SLT by a tribute band of one of the biggest groups to ever play Madison Square Garden, The Rolling Stones. The likenesses of the avatars to the actual band members is stunning to see.
The Hollywood Square Garden is part of Origen’s Hollywood Venues; which also includes, the Hollywood Ballroom and The Bowl.