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Showing posts with label Humanoid. Show all posts

Sunday, December 9, 2012

I just love dancing don't you? Jaded Exonar reporting ....

With the holiday season upon us, and parties waiting around every corner, this is the perfect time to pull out your very best dance moves!  This is often harder than it might seem in Second Life!  

Remember the days when you had to click on a dance ball and hold your breath as your gorgeous avatar jolted and jiggled across the floor like an anathematized patient?  Or perhaps when you clicked your shiny new chimera, only to watch yourself dancing a little robotically, or even just a bit unrealistically?  Well, I certainly do!  Recently there has been a dance revolution, with the new advances and availability of motion capture technology, moves are more fluid and natural then ever - And from the very crème of this new delicious breakthrough, comes  'Humanoid'.  The Humanoid team not only use the latest in motion capture technology to bring us those smooth moves, but have taken it a step further.  Using a team of real life dancers, Markus Adkins represents this amazing breakthrough brand.