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Showing posts with label Irish music. Show all posts

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Music from the Emerald Isle

What is it about the Emerald Isle that has us all so transfixed?  Is it that accent, which is to die for don’t you think?  Ireland is blessed with beautiful landscapes, an enchanted history, inspired people (authors, bands, humanitarians), and a richness of spirituality that touches the whole world.

Music plays are large part in Ireland’s culture and has done for time immemorial. It’s not just about Irish traditional music but it’s all genres of music.  Irish songs tell a story through song, making them even more appealing to listeners.

Enter one Dainial. Curiosity brought him to Second Life and even though he had a difficult time adjusting to it, especially at the beginning, he remembered being baffled by “rooms” full of silent people, and by all the things that newbies find daunting.  Luckily he was helped by people who became friends and after a year and a half here, Dainial says he has made some very close and good friends, and is thrilled that his creative side is finding full expression in SL.