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Showing posts with label Jamee sandalwood. Show all posts

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Still Going Strong Rock Your Rack. Reporting- DreamOfEssence Reporting...

Rock Your Rack

Jamee Sandalwood  Is a 10 year Survivor of breast cancer in real life. She stated that Rock Your Rack had come from that, and the need to give back to the Agencies that Helped her get through  that time while fighting breast cancer. This it the 6 year they have been doing  Rock Your Rack.

Jamee’s Gals are two Fold- Frist, to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. She also commented that it has a 96% rating for charities and is not the normal ones that are supported when one thinks of cancer. This one has earky diagnosis and early treatment options, She shares that this hit’s home for her since she was diagnosed before her first mammogram at a very early age.

She shares that you can get involved in Rock Your Rack that they have lot of opportunities from Designers, Artists, Photographers, Models and Blogger’s.  That all you have to do is visit the page and applied to how you can help and register.

Jamee’s Told me that she has 48 content creators already registered for the event, With lots more coming in leading up to the close of the designer registration at the end of July. She fully expected to have over 75 designers participating this year. With men’s clothing, Women’s clothing, Children’s clothing, Home& Garden, Poses, Makeup , Accessories, Art, So much will be there and it is a great collection of creators and something for everyone and anything.

Rock Your rack  use a full sim every year, so once it gets close to time to start building they begin the process of looking for a full sim to do the event, Price of the course isa consideration, As they want to donate as much as possible for the cause.  Jamee Shares they build the entire sim from scratch every year to fit a theme. She commented That this year they will be doing Music Through the decades.

Rock Your Rack uses Facebook and Flicker also Twitter to get the word out there about there event, All the way up to it opens. They also Pose all over SL about the event and what they are doing it so that every one is ready for it when it starts.

Jamee told me that she handles stress  Well as she is pretty organized, (But her Husband would say not well) She has been doing this for a long time that there is a timeline that she follows. Jamee is pretty good at not getting too stressed out.

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