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Showing posts with label LaMaison Contemporaine. Show all posts

Saturday, April 7, 2018

La Maison Contemporaine; Where Beautiful Living Begins.

With over 9 years of experience, La Maison Contemporaine is premier in landscaping and region design services.  Our goal is to provide you the very best in ongoing maintenance, new installations and renovations. We partner with region owners, developers, and design professionals who strive to make each client’s vision a reality.

Imagine walking into a luxurious yet beautifully decorated home every time, where inspired home design marries superbly with furniture and decor to create a house that is both welcoming and infinitely pleasing. You can have this and more with a La Maison Contemporaine houses or apartments.

Each of our houses is painstakingly crafted to create a living space that reflects our passion for luxury, creativity and style with uniquely inspired pieces that compliment any room and taste.

We also offer VIP Tropical Villas. Nothing says privacy, luxury and seclusion like your own private beach house, set on white sands and surrounded by tropical islands.

La Maison Contemporaine takes the Villa experience to a new level with an inclusive approach. Our VIP Luxury Entertainment and rentals covering more than 340,000m2 in 5 Private Regions and 1 Mainland Region.

Our guests come first and we want La Maison Contemporaine to be a place where you feel safe enough to relax and come back time and time again.

Visit us and see for yourself.

Contact Л̶ł̶Ͼ̶Ф̶Ł̶Λ̶s (nick0678) online between 00:00 SLT to 13:00 SLT
 Support requests can be made by sending a note card or E-mail/Skype:

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