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Showing posts with label Lauraclaire Benelli. Show all posts

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Welcome to Scottish Highlands Estate

Hello, I am Lauraclaire Benelli, Estate Manager and the CEO of the Scottish Highlands Estate.  My staff and I would love to welcome you to our area.

Our sims are General / Moderate Rated which makes them very friendly and welcoming.   We do not allow Vampire invites (bites, Huds etc), so if you are ever offered this on our sim please IM Myself (Lauraclaire Benelli) or Magnus Brody. We also encourage good manners, so if you find someone being rude. Please do the same as above.

We moved here from smaller sims in February of 2009. The hub is the Loch Ness Inn in the Inverness City sim and we also have Urquhart which is sponsored by Magnus Brody and is our residential Sim.

We have a beautiful Lochside with Croft Homes situated in the hills and over looking Loch Ness, plus shops and visitor attractions around it. Our Market Stalls are L$30 per week, so for any budding creator OR our Shop Rentals are LS2 per prim. Small Shops are 128 prims and Large Shops are 256 prims. (we can vary)

The main events are held on the Inverness Sim where we have The Loch Ness Inn, and The Caledonian Ballroom in Brody Castle.  Please IM Magnus Brody or myself if you wish to run your own event in our Ballroom. It is free to use with a donation to the Estate.  The Inn can also be used as a good meeting place if needed.

Other attractions are:

Loch Ness Inn

Caledonian Ballroom 

  • Bike Rides
  • Horse Riding
  • Jet Ski's
  • Mahjong (Competitive with monthly winnings)
  • Motor Boats
  • Cruises on the Loch

Please IM Lauraclaire Benelli, Magnus Brody or Elizbeth Beaumont if interested in a store or Rentals in the Highlands and an Invite to the Land Group and Remius MacMoragh if you have any suggestions for events.

Now all you need to do is explore this lovely area.

Lauraclaire Benelli (CEO)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Scottish Highlands - Inverness revisited - Lacy Muircastle reporting ....

Sims come and go as we all know so it is always good to be able to report that some sims are in it for the long haul.  One such sim is The Highlands of Scotland.  I wrote a spot light on them back in 2012 and thought it would be good to revisit the Scottish themed sim.

Lauraclaire Benelli strives hard to make The Highlands of Scotland in SL replicate the Highlands in RL.
There are lots of things to see and do across the SL Highlands.  Experience the numerous events that take place celebrating all that is unique and special to the region. Expect a warm welcome from Lauraclaire and her staff and enjoy the best of The Highlands rich heritage and culture including spectacular music, storytelling, and of course the world famous ceilidhs.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Spotlight on the Highlands of Scotland sims

There are so many interesting stories in Second Life and here is another one.  This story is how the Highlands of Scotland sims came to be in SL.

First of all let me wish the sims and the management team of the Highlands of Scotland congratulations on your fifth year in SL and wish you many many more.