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Showing posts with label Liberta BMF. Show all posts

Friday, August 21, 2015

The Liberta Bullring Music Festival - Debby Sharma reporting ....

This weekend “The Liberta Bullring Music Festival” celebrates the love for music and the freedom it bestows on each soul. The rhythm we hear when a string or a drum is played in periodic intervals; the feeling to move and groove when we hear a beat; the peace that is interpreted in every note is the result of music.

Pic by Leela Qissinger
Rejoicing the love for music, we have partied since our noob days in Second Life. A one of a kind festival hits the grid to celebrate the best music ever. A three day event would be taking the grid by storm, the Liberta Music Festival will be held this weekend. The kick off of the pre-opening will begin at 3:45 pm on Friday, 21st August, 2015 with two DJs mixing live music followed by fireworks and DJ Bully (Bully Trisk) commencing the start of the music festival at 6:00 pm SLT, the same day. I had the opportunity to interview Bully Trisk. Here are a few words from the person who consolidated a good team to host a big event.

Debby Sharma: Please tell us about yourself.

Bully Trisk (Bully67): I’m just a guy who enjoys Second Life and all that it has to offer. I especially love how it’s a remarkable platform to connect with others around the world, who you can share your passions with and learn from.

Debby Sharma: What was your motivation to host a Music festival?

Bully Trisk (Bully67): Music itself has been a very big part of my life since I can remember. I have seen many examples, in first and second lives, how music has the ability to easily connect people who would otherwise have very little in common. It’s always been the goal of my SL family to engage with that process. It was a natural next step in our combined journey to invite all whom may wish to attend, the chance to see, touch, feel and taste the magic we’ve experienced through the appreciation of the diversity music offers.

Debby Sharma: We know “Liberta” has come from the Latin word meaning freedom. What is the significance of this name, “Liberta Bullring Music Festival” to you?

Bully Trisk (Bully67): Freedom is a concept that I believe is either sought after or enjoyed all around the world. Especially lately with everything that is happening, we felt that offering a reminder to all that no matter what our life’s circumstance are, or the myriad of challenges we face in our daily lives, that music and expression through music can connect and free us all from the limitations we sometimes feel shackled by. Even if it’s just a song in our hearts that we silently carry with ourselves, there is sense that we have the power to individually and collectively experience Liberty.

Pic by Leela  Qissinger

Debby Sharma: What are the best things about your team? Are there any special moments with them that you would remember for life?

Bully Trisk (Bully67): The best thing about my team is that I have been blessed to have them on this project. They are very dear to me, and each person is tremendously talented and determined, having strengths in areas that sometimes I do not. Their ability to work as a team for the first time on a major project and do it without ego or for the purposes of self-aggrandizement is humbling and inspirational. Each day honestly has been a whirlwind of excitement and successes, fun and hearty laughs that I will never forget.

The Bullring Family

Debby Sharma: What kind of music would we be expecting during the festival and who are performing?

Bully Trisk (Bully67): With only a few exceptions, the music experienced throughout the festival will be mixed live on stage by some of the best DJ’s from around the globe. We’re focusing on Electronic dance music, but to say that is a genre is almost a misnomer. Because there are hundreds of sub genres in EDM and EBM, it is sure to be an exhibition in diversity, with something for everyone.

Debby Sharma: What would you like to tell your sponsors, supporters and fans?

Bully Trisk (Bully67): To my Sponsors, Lick Sim Design and Something Estates, I wish to express my sincere gratitude for believing in us enough to partner with us and make this happen. They are very wonderful and amazing brands, run by some extremely incredible people. To my supporters within the family and those others around me, I wish to simply say I love you truly, thank you for being there always and adding your light to my life. And finally to my fans…. Thanks Mom!!! (Smiles)

Pic by Leela Qissinger 
Debby Sharma: Do you have any plans to extend this festival to a yearly event? Or do we expect any new kind of festivals in near future?

Bully Trisk (Bully67): I think it’s safe to say there are some projects already on the table for the future, but right now I’m staying wholly focused on today because it’s where the magic happens. Thank you so much for asking such great questions and I hope to see you and your amazing team at SL Enquirer here at this amazing event!

Pic by Leela Qissinger

Since only a few counting hours left before the event starts. Here are few things that are a must see this weekend:

-          The Venue designed by Sera Bellic of Lick Sim Designs who has generously offered to sponsor. The Landmark:

-          The Liberta Bullring Music Festival. The link to the schedule:!schedule/o3cvv

-          Designer Vendors with exclusive items like Addiction Jewelry, The Doll House, Beemee, Indescent Exposure, FK Designs, Tanoshi, M&M Incorporated, Latreia Foot Fashions, Loud Mouth, 8-bit Alchemy and Empyrean Forge are available at the Liberta Market celebrating the freedom of music. Landmark:

-          The Photography Contest held till August 22nd, 2015 for the patrons of Liberta to express their “Liberta Magic”, choosing 3 winners and the top winner receiving 10,000L$. The rules to the challenge and other info are detailed in the following link.!photo-challenge-rules/im8ip

-          Promotional Offer given by Something Estates, another generous sponsor, till August 31st, 2015 of a free rental week for renting a week for a new parcel by new and existing renters which can be availed up to 8 weeks using the Promo Code, “LIBERTA PROMOTION”. Landmark to the Estate Office:

Hope to see you there at the kick-off party of The Liberta Bullring Music Festival. Let us all participate in the grand festival for various genres of music.

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Experience Libertà BMF on August 21st-23rd, 2015

Libertà, a music festival presented by the BullRing Family, focuses on the freedoms explored through music.  "Libertà" stems from the Latin word "Libertatem" meaning Freedom.  Through the course of one weekend, music will guide attendees on a journey with no restraints and endless possibilities.

The festival kicks off in grand style on Friday, August 21st at 6 PM SLT with DJ Bully, DJ Spot and DJ Roni taking over the decks and spinning their musical magic.  Attendees can expect the best live-mix DJs in Second Life to charge the stage and move them through a music journey.  Musical genres like Progressive House, Trance, Electro, Dubstep, EDM, Industrial Techno, Old Skool, and Funk provide the listener with familiar and non-familiar beats during the festival.  Libertà BMF runs Saturday from 12pm-10pm SLT.  The festival will conclude Sunday evening at 8 pm SLT.  

Libertà is sponsored by Something Estates and Lick Sim Design.  Check out Libertà BMF website at  and on FaceBook at   For additional information on the event, contact Libertà BMF staff on the Libertà BMF website.