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Showing posts with label Live discussion. Show all posts

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Relationships in SL and Beyond - Press Release

"Words & beliefs that separate should be put aside. If you wish to walk a path of grace, overlook differences." - Paul Ferrini 

Regardless of the words and beliefs I encounter I walk a path of grace and see the how we are connected and thus, we One!

(Be mindful of what you say to yourself, you're listening! - unknown)


Join us Wednesday mornings at Whole Brain Health as we discussion topics on Relationships Inside SL and Beyond.

Topic:  AFFIRMATION SERIES 'D IS FOR DIVINITY - Divine Relationships - Soul Ties'
Date & Time: Wednesday February 13th 8:30AM SLT
Location: Whole Brain Health
Facilitator: Pet Karu

THE SESSIONS ARE IN VOICE SO PLEASE ENABLE VOICE SO YOU CAN HEAR.  I hope to see your friendly faces among the gathering.

Here's your Uber:

Also, join our group for any new! (Fearless Lovers or Invite Inc.)

Pet's Fearless Lovers group ----> secondlife:///app/group/89a5ceb7-b82d-291b-a514-52272a28aac8/about

Invite Inc. ------> secondlife:///app/group/5e3fb585-ff90-48e8-ee8b-82a21c88909a/about
or contact Muza Waco in world for your questions.

Invite Inc. 501 (c)3 provides lectures designed around tools that help build community. We are dedicated to empowering each individual to thrive where they are, while also growing a supportive, respectful community around them.

We are fortunate to present the powerful transformational work of RL professional coaching Pet Karu. Please join us for this new series to inspire and give insights for personal growth. You are welcome to come and find the tools and resources  that help you meet your goals!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Does Linden Labs Care about New Customers? Live Discussion Today January 27, 2015 at 11:30 AM SLT

On a recent visit to there so called PG help lands is raises the question; Does Linden Labs care about new customers? 

This is a stop off point for new customers to Linden labs to get free things and get help from older customers. Most  are long gone second life mentors, but sadly Linden Labs can't stop offensive sexual behavior, Racial discrimination and pixel nudity.

Today Lets Talk About It Over At Easy's Sand Box not 2 easy.