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Showing posts with label Meraki Moments. Show all posts

Friday, August 6, 2021

Featured on Editor's Pick: Meraki Moments


As you land on the dock and your eyes adjust to the view unfolding before you, you realize that this sim offers a scenic view and a break from the chaos. A steady concoction of landscapes inspired by off-the-beaten-path beauties of Real Life- Meraki Moment was set up as art imitating life itself. Keeping the explorers and photographers of SL in mind, Kanika decided to offer a place that would offer the best of both worlds. A little world above and below the water surrounding it, Meraki Moments gives you the tingle you feel like a traveler. From the Hakkaido Pond by the red trees to the underwater scene hidden behind it to the lush lavender fields with a glorious sunset for a backdrop, we invite you to explore this sim and the many wonders it has to offer. The sim also has a dedicated Flickr Group to share your pictures from the sim on and an inworld group you can join to rez your items to make your photographs stand out. Hope to see you there!