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Showing posts with label Mr. Costa Rica 2011. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Mr. Costa Rica 2011. Show all posts

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mr Costa Rica 2011

And here he is!! The gorgeous Mr. Phoenix Reyer, Mr. Costa Rica 2011.

Phoenix walked away with the crown and prizes for 2011, but it was no means an easy feat. The competition was tough and the boys all excelled themselves.

The 1st runner up is Didier Rascon.

Well done to all of you. Congratulations Phoenix, may you have a fruitful year as Mr Costa Rica.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Boys of Costa Rica ...

It is time once again girls and boys to choose Mr. Costa Rica Sims 2011.

Costa Rica Sims proudly presents the TOP SIX FINALISTS for the Mr. Costa Rica event - Saturday 26th March 2011

From (left to right) Angelik Lavecchia, Brendan Marcarthur, Didier Rascon, Pheonix Reyer, Xavier Midal and LesPaul Ibanez

The competition has been tough and the winner will continue on to the Mr. Virtual World competition. During the competition each finalist has worked hard to achieve his goal in being crowned Mr. Costa Rica Sims 2011. These have been hard and challenging times with each contestant having proven to be a great choice should they win. The process has been exciting for the finalists and Costa Rica invites you to join them in finding out who the new Mr. Costa Rica will be.

The panel of judges this year will have a big part in selecting who will represent the Costa Rica Sims. Each judge will critique appearance, presentation and pose a question to every finalist. Ultimately, their decisions will reflect who will walk away with one of the Costa Rica Sims highest honours.

The Mr. Costa Rica Sims 2011 Judges are……

• Kyra owner of Deluxe Makeup & Skin Studio.
• Maxie “Just a normal girly Brit” - Miss Costa Rica 2009.
• Saffia Widdershins is the CEO of Prim Perfect Publications
• Serene Faith Miss Virtual World 2011
• Traveller Bade owner of Sartoria
• WK Ganesvoort Costa Rica stalwart

The Mr Costa Rica Sims 2011 Sponsors and Prizes: