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Showing posts with label Mystelle. Show all posts

Sunday, August 21, 2022

For Immediate Release: Who's at 'The VENUE'?


I'm excited to announce that our Sunday lineup starts off with Mavenn, Baz, and Tally, followed by DJ Grougan at 8 PM SLT. MONDAY we have THE ROYALS a fantastic choreographed dance team performing at 1PM SLT. I was really in awe and stunned by the beautiful costumes and magnificent stage presentation and performance, following THE ROYALS. Monday At 4 PM Maximillion Kleene will take the stage at The Venue. TUESDAY starts with DJ Justy at 5 PM, THE one and only BAZ perform LIVE at 6 PM and DJ Grougan does a 1-hour set leading in for Mr. Blues himself Mr. JimmyT49 Dukes who takes the stage Tuesday at 8 PM. Followed by Mystelle at 9 PM. Wednesday. It is ladies' night with Annette Serenade, Holly Giles, SHEYZ, and ARRA!!! - THURSDAY we have Dexter Swansen, Roxanne, DJ Justy, and DJ Grougan.


Tuesday, July 26, 2022

The Venue Presents DJ Grougan, RockN The Blues with JimmyT and Mystelle on July 26th 7-10pm SLT

 Join us at The Venue for a night of Music with DJ Grougan at 7pm SLT, JimmyT at 8pm SLT followed by Mystelle on stage at 9pm SLT

Hear Ye Hear Ye
Blues & Rock Fans You don't want to miss JimmyT49 Dukes performance - Tuesday On Stage LIVE 8 PM 7/26 at THE VENUE. DJ Grougan performs a 1-hour set lead-in at 7 PM before JimmyT at 8 PM followed by Mystelle at 9 PM.

The Venue is an open-air amphitheater multi-level, multi-stage venue. Intan and Quark dance systems for couples and singles are provided throughout the sim and on the stage. Adult-rated sim.