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Showing posts with label Pyramids. Show all posts

Monday, March 30, 2015

Discovering Egypt- Debby Sharma Reporting...

A land and an age of Pyramids, Egypt is rich on culture. During the era of 10th millennium BC, the people of Egypt built the most extravagant buildings with highest amount of precision which is yet to be achieved in the modern era. The unsolved mysteries of the Pyramids, the reason why it was built and the tons of stone blocks used to make the most stable structure in the universe. It is said that among all the shapes, pyramids are the only ones that can stand through the changing environments and time.
Egyptian lands spans through the northeast corner to the southwest corner of Africa, a territory of about 390,000 square miles lying with the Nile Valley. With over 88 million populations, it is the 15th most populated country in the world with its majority of the population residing in the Nile Valley.

In Second Life, the Ancient Egypt has been created as close to the Egypt we visualize now in real life and the image of the Egypt that is embedded under the sands of time. At the welcome spot, room transcends you to the land to Egypt. The heliographic walls talk of the incredible knowledge of the past. A view of the tribes that scored the Egyptian Lands is placed in the welcome room.

 It is requested to visit the land wearing their original form of dress. A free outfit for both woman and man is present just at the entrance.  The room is guarded by a door and a greeter welcomes you saying, “EM HOTEP!!” By the door stands the female statue of the gate keeper of the Egyptian Tribe.

Visit the 1/36th scale Giza Plateau, showing all the pyramids and other features of the actual Giza Plateau. Also, above this Plateau, are two 360ΒΊ panoramic views. There is lot to explore. The bright colors surround the deserted lands with coconut trees and huge statues standing against time. The Nile Valley has the ruins of civilizations that once existed near the Nile River in real life.  You can view their markets, their trade and commerce, their gigantic ships, their docks. The landmark to the Nile Valley is

The Nile Valley also consists of grand structures like the Giza Necropolis and its great sphinx and the ruins of Memphis Thebes and the Valley of the Kings represent the legacy of archaeological studies over the years. Further the version in Second Life enunciates ancient agriculture, literature and urban settlements with a reflection of hunter gatherers, fishers and grain grinding culture; similar to our rural civilization.

Ancient Egypt of Second Life gives the closest possible view of the culture we have left behind in our past. It is a must visit place, if you would like to be transported to the 10th Millennium BC.

Visit the Second Life inspired version of Ancient Egypt here