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Showing posts with label RicoRacer Flux. Show all posts

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stand 4 Love

Most of of us know that life is no walk in the park and that challenges will inevitably be thrown across our path as we take this journey.  But there is no justification in the whole wide world for discrimination in any form whatsoever, yet discrimination in one form or another has been part of society throughout time.  I am South African and white at that and have lived through being made an example of by the world because of the government policies that were in place.  I am glad to say that those policies are no longer there.  But actually the rest of the world had no right to ostracize South Africa, how does that saying go, ' people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones...'  What it has done for us though is give us the most liberal and all encompassing constitution.  

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Beautiful Boys .... the journey continues

Here are a few more of the gorgeous entrants in this years Mister Virtual World pageant for you to perv.....  An eclectic group of guys that is for sure including a Ginger Ninja (that notwithstanding Mr Ireland you are incredibly cute).

Mr Norway - Hikaru Enimo

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Beautiful Boys.... 6 and 7

Ooooohhh but the competition is tough, the finalists for Mr Virtual World 2012 are truly outstanding.

Time to meet Mr. Brazil - Tadeau Gartner

Beautiful Boys.... 4 and 5

The second styling contest has come and gone for Mr Virtual World 2012 and apparently the cubist exercise proved to be a real challenge.  The top 3  in alphabetical order by country currently are:

Silvano Korobase - MR. AUSTRIA
Adonis Hansome - MR. CANADA
World Undercroft - MR. UNITED KINGDOM

For their next challenge the entrants have been asked to imitate a RL male model on a runway.


And now meet Mr. Mexico ....